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Even though it is pouring outside, today nothing will bring me down. I am so very excited to finally launch another product by Trendy Peas. Our decals have been such a great hit since we first launched them that I have been trying to find a similar product since then. How could I reuse the decals? Maybe I could design something bigger? What about a mural to cover the entire wall? How about wallpaper? Of course, I thought! Wouldn’t it be nice to have wallpaper that was as easy to apply as our decals? So for those customers that want to fill a little more of the wall, Trendy Peas’ wallpaper might just be the answer. I know some people might cringe when they hear the word wallpaper. But believe me when I say that this is not grandma’s wallpaper. This is wallpaper for a Trendy Pea. With our modern aesthetic, our new wallpaper designs are sure to make a room feel cozier while adding movement and lots of color to it. Plus, wallpaper is the new trend. So pick a wall, or two, or the entire room, and add some fun to it.


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