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Well, before I get ahead of myself I should first introduce myself. I’m Raquel Kohler, the other half of Trendy Peas. It will be my first blog post for Trendy Peas and I thought I would introduce myself before I go on with the topic of beds…

I am Patchi’s sister and most definitely her number one fan. I wish I could say I contribute with the creative aspects of Trendy Peas, but that is not the case. I work on the website and take care of the business side of our company. I do have to say that I LOVE it! I love her creations and love being part of it; in any way that I can.

I live in Norfolk, VA with my husband Nic and daughters Sofia (4) and Olivia (almost 2). For those of you that like to put names to faces, here we are:

Raquel & Niclas Kohler

Raquel & Niclas





Sofia and Olivia have so much fun together. It makes me so happy. Sofia is very sweet and loves making her little sister smile. Olivia is full of energy and is always trying to keep up with her big sister. For those reasons, Nic and I thought it would be so good for them to share the same room. That brings me to the topic of beds…

Since we are redoing their room, we need new beds. Sofia’s current bed is too big to fit in with another bed of that same size. Olivia currently has a crib so we need a new bed for her too. We like clean simple lines and I have been looking for twin beds everywhere… While there are a lot of nice modern options out there, it is hard to find anything that is affordable.

I do love the look of the Sparrow bed from Oeuf. It is both modern and feminine. I am not so happy with the price though. As I need two beds for my two little princesses, the total for the beds alone would cost me a total of $1719.98. And I have not even taken into account the cost for mattresses… Ouch!

Sparrow bed from Oeuf

Sparrow bed from Oeuf

I have been trying to convince myself that I would be ok to spend that much money on the beds alone, but I just did not succeed. So I started my search again and remembered an old friend of mine called IKEA. I was pleased to find two great options, but I am having doubts on whether they will work…

The Malm twin bed for the bargain price of $129 would fit perfectly in their room, but does not come with a trundle.

Malm bed from IKEA

Malm bed from IKEA

The Odda twin bed priced at $149 may not work because the side headboard may cover one of the windows, but it comes with a nice trundle…

Odda bed from IKEA

Odda bed from IKEA

Needles to say, I still have work to do… Finding an affordable modern looking bed has proven to be a difficult task. I would love to hear from anyone that has been through this before. Can anyone out there help me on this one?


  1. I can’t get enough of those two little smiley faces. Love you girls!!

  2. Oi meninas!

    Só hoje descobri que a Quel está participando do blog! Adorei este post, a simpática apresentação, as fotos e a idéia de proporcionarem às pequenas compartilharem o quarto, e assim, os sonhos, os medos, as brincadeiras, as mudanças de humor e tudo mais!

    Beijos e sucesso com a vida pessoal e a profissional!

  3. This is cool!

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