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30/52 – Portraits during a layover, a long layover that is

Two days ago we headed down south, way down I should say. Alex, the kids and I hopped on an airplane to fly to Brazil to catch a glimpse of the Olympic games happening next week in Rio de Janeiro. While traveling with my family is one of my favorite things to do, every parent knows that traveling with kids is always a bit crazy and often exhausting. Due to some inevitable long layovers, travel can easily be a daunting task. To make things a little easier during our long 10-hour wait in Miami, we left the airport and went exploring. So for this week's photo challenge, I focused on portraits during a layover. But fortunately, the layover turned out to be a good one... portraits during a layover Read More

28/52 – A Few Precious Beach Moments

Here we are at week 28 of 52 for the weekly photo challenge. Last Sunday we got to hang out at the beach with friends and family and I got to take a few photos with my iPhone. My camera was nicely packed in my bag waiting to come out to play, however, my busy brain forgot to charge the battery. Yikes! Luckily, my iPhone was there to capture a few precious beach moments. These kids are definitely beach kids, and I right there with them, watching from under the umbrella. precious beach moments Read More

23/52 – Beach Portraits

Beach portraits are though! The sun was hitting us strong and the sand was all over my lenses. Yuck! But even with the harsh light, I managed to snap a few photos of the gang that I will cherish forever. Not sure if any of these will make to the annual family album, but I still enjoy capturing these moments that are zooming by way too quickly. beach portraits Read More

22/52 Summer Portraits

It is time to kick off Summer with lots of pool time in the sunshine. Last Sunday the little guy finally got the courage to put his face under water. Quickly the goggles were in place, the floaties were put aside and he started his swim quest by saying: "- Mama, if I go under, you go under." And we did, over and over and over and over again. Summer Portraits Read More
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