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Wallpaper Installation Video – How-to-install our self-adhesive wallpapers

No paste. No glue. No mess. We promise! The thing I love most about Trendy Peas' wallpaper is how easy it is to apply it to the walls. So a couple of weeks ago we shot a fun wallpaper installation video to show you how the installation process works. Because our wallpaper is printed on a self-adhesive material, the installation is quite simple. Simply peel, stick, and enjoy. Watch the video below and see how we did it.
Wallpaper Installation Video Sources
Hive Wallpaper :: Champion Horse Wall Art :: Maze Pillow wallpaper installation video To tour the finished guest bedroom you see on the video, visit this post here. And don't forget to connect with us on Instagram. Save Save

How-to-wallpaper – Tips for wallpaper installation

A couple of weeks ago we put together a how-to-wallpaper video on how to install our peel-and-sick wallpapers. We wanted to show you how easy and quick it is to transform any space using our newest collection of wallpaper design. Because all of our removable wallpaper is made with a self-adhesive fabric medium that does not require any pasting, there is no glue and therefore, absolutely no mess. Since each wallpaper roll is removable, the installation is so easy you can do it yourself. If you make a mistake, you can simply peel it off and apply it again. We promise you that by the time you are done, your hands will be clean and your room will be instantly transformed into a new space.   how-to-wallpaper   Press PLAY below to watch our how-to-wallpaper video. how-to-wallpaper how-to-wallpaper All wallpaper products are carefully crafted here in the USA, just for YOUR family. Visit the wallpaper collection here to find your style.  
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Father’s Day

Life can get busy and so, so rushed. Sometimes we take a deep breath to finish off the day. Today I took a deeper breath to take in the amount of love my kids, nieces, and nephew have for their dads. So how do you pack years, and years, and years of love in less than 6 minutes? You let the kids show you. Press play! Happy Father's Day.

Kids Art Print – New Confetti Heart Print

We have a new kids art print available on the shop. Can you smell the bubble gum? All in pink, this confetti art print is delicious. A must have for a little girl's room. This heart design would be a great addition to a gallery wall or it could work by itself as a focal point on a wall. Press play and watch it come to life. This kids art print is available as an 8"x10", 11"x14", and 16"x20". All prints are available framed or unframed. Visit the site here for more options. Kids Art Print Need more ideas for a pink room? Follow our board here.

Whale Wall Decal – Win it

We are delighted to introduce you, Willow, our new whale wall decal. This charming little whale retails for only $39, and it can be customized with two colors. Press play and see how Willow can transform a blank wall. To celebrate Friday and our new friend, we are giving this whale wall decal to one lucky winner. Do you want to win this giveaway? Whale Wall Decal ::: Follow three simple steps to enter this giveaway ::: - Like us on Facebook - Like this giveaway on Facebook - Share this giveaway on Facebook The winner will announced next Friday, the 9th on our Facebook page. Be sure to check back to see if you are the one taking home our whale wall decal. Good luck!

Nursery Wall Decal Giveaway

We are giving a lucky winner our new nursery wall decal design. Our beautiful little foxes wall decal in espresso, strawberry and papaya could be sent to your house. Would you like to win this removable nursery wall decal? So leave a comment here and like our Facebook page here to enter to win this giveaway!

nursery wall decal

The winner will be selected on July 8th and announced on our Facebook page. Be sure to check back to see if you are the one taking home these little darlings.

To see how our foxes nursery wall decals are packaged and how easy it is to install them, watch the video below. From our package to your walls. Just peel and stick.

PS: Stay tune for our 4th of July sale coming up soon...

Video Shoot Sneak Peek

We are currently shooting a little video about how to assemble our acrylic mobiles. It is looking cute. Baby Victor is rolling around on a blanket next to us. We might need to change the camera around soon and snap some pictures of him...

Decal Installation

In an effort to help our customers get familiar with our products, I decided to create a couple of videos showcasing our work. I want to make sure customers feel comfortable about the product since you can't see it up close or touch it for that matter. So, to start this video series, I just finished a video showing a little about our removable decals. This video shows how easy it is to install our decals, since you just have to peel them and stick them on the wall. If you make a mistake, just peel the decals from the wall and apply it again. There is no damage to the walls, no mess, and no taping. I hope you enjoy the video below. If you have any suggestions about upcoming videos please let me know. What would you like to see more from Trendy Peas?
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