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How to Style with Simple Evergreen Arrangements

I love to make arrangements using clippings from my own backyard. Nothing really too fancy. Forget about the white roses or the gorgeous big blue hydrangea flowers. Because, well, they don't have a home in my backyard. Being the maintenance freak that I am, my backyard is filled with mostly, you guessed right, evergreens. Kind of boring, I know, but between chauffeuring the kids around, trying to keep the house clean, etc, etc, gardening usually doesn't make it to my to do list. Unless of course, I need therapy time because I do find gardening very therapeutic, don't you? evergreen arrangements Today, I am showing you how to style your home with evergreen arrangements. Dear Ligustrum, you are up first.
Ligustrums Arrangement
I love to put together this oversized arrangement using a simple, but big glass vase and lots of Ligustrum clippings. There are really no rules when making this arrangement. And the result is always quite stunning. evergreen arrangements evergreen arrangements

maze pillow

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Have a Seat – Dining Room Design Tour

When it comes to decorating my own house, I believe that less is always more. A neutral color palette, clean lines mixed with a few rustic elements, a touch of wood and something unique are things that are always in my décor brain. A couple of weeks ago, I was on the hunt for new dining chairs. I wanted dining chairs that were kid-friendly, but also beautiful and unique. The dining room was only missing that last piece of the puzzle to be completed. dining room design Once I started browsing online, I was amazed at all the options I found (read through here to see the top four picks). After a couple of indecisive days, I finally opted for the white Sidera chair from CB2. This chair has the most beautiful woven crosshatch pattern on slim tapered solid ash wooden legs. It is just perfect for the room. The white molded plastic against the gray concrete top makes the space feel balanced. I really love the overall look. Sometimes a work of art steals the show. Sometimes a wallpapered wall makes a statement. But here, these chairs are certainly the eye candy in the room. Every time I walk into the room, I can hear the chairs saying "Ha, made you look!" dining room design Read More

Home for the Holidays – Holiday Décor

I am happy to say that Casa Cancado is Holiday ready! Getting our home ready for the holidays is a very special time for me. I love to make the house feel festive, and I also love that there are so many ways of going about it. What are some of your DOs and DON'Ts when decorating for the Holidays? How is your home for the holidays? Here are a few of my MUST haves and must NOT haves when decorating for Christmas time. Home for the Holidays
Christmas Tree
When decorating the Christmas tree, I feel that most ornaments MUST color coordinate. Also, the Christmas tree must NOT be too lean. I like the tree to be big and fat with lots of lights. Read More

3 Tips for Your Halloween Décor

Halloween has become one of my favorite times of the year to celebrate with the kids. We love to decorate our house, we love to wear costumes, and we absolutely love to go trick-or-treating. I am usually a practical person, I think. Well, at least most of the time. And when it comes to seasonal decorating, I like to make it easy, but still exciting. So here are my 3 tips for when you think about your Halloween décor this year.
1. Group black elements together
In order to change the vibe in our living room, I tackled our coffee table with a few black pumpkins, and a decorative black vase I keep in my bedroom. This is a simple look, and yet a very "halloweenish" one. So, if you have a couple of black décor items around your house, bring them together and dress up your coffee table. Black candles with simple candle holders is a great choice. Just add a couple small store bought pumpkins and you are all set. halloween decor Read More
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