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Office Renovation – Make it more girly, please!

My office renovation is finally taking place. Raquel and I spend half of our working hours here at my home studio. The other half is usually spent by the pool while we juggled margaritas. No. No. I AM JUST KIDDING. We prefer mojitos. office renovation This office is very spacious with two great windows. It has lots of cabinets. And the best part is that it is here, right at home. It sounds so perfect, right? So why the need to renovate it? Well, unfortunately, the space has that lawyer firm look, a very dated lawyer firm that is. Think beige carpet, dark cabinets, traditional-looking cabinet hardware, a hideous ceiling fan, and the list just goes on and on. To brighten up this space, I want to bring in different geometric patterns, lots of black and white mixed with pops of bright colors, and a splash of gold. I want to make this a fresh space. One that inspires and gives fuel to my creative brain. Otherwise, we might want to hit the pool way too often. Office Renovation office renovation Did I tell you that I share this room with my kids occasionally? Well yes, this office is also a playroom. Luckily, the abundance of cabinets hide all the toys. So, most of the time, it does feel just like an office. I have already placed some of the items you see here in the room. But the big change will happen only in May, when the cabinets will get painted. Expect the full room reveal in late May. Come back to check it out and tour the new room soon. Office Renovation PS: Do you follow us on Instagram? Visit this post here to find out why you should be following us.

How to make a dramatic change with a graphic basket

How does caring for a dying fiddle leaf fig plant turned into a DIY graphic basket project? Well, I have been struggling to keep my two fig plants alive for the past 5 months. They used to be so full and so green. But slowly, they are losing lots of leafs. After changing how regularly I water them and adding fertilizer, I decided that I had to find another spot for them in the house. Once I moved them around, I immediately found myself a new house project. Right next to one of the pots, this old brass-colored basket was looking so shy. That big vase was just too much for that old basket. The basket looked naked, or just not charming enough. I have been seeing some gorgeous graphic baskets from Serena and Lily. So I thought that it would be fun to try and mimic the look of these adorable storage baskets. With the project in my mind, I searched the house for materials. I found some tape in the garage and some leftover paint. All I was missing was black spray paint. I quickly stopped by my parents house to steal their black spray paint I had purchased for another project and 10 minutes later, I had all the materials I needed and I could claim this was a cost FREE project. Graphic Basket This was a pretty easy little project. First, I covered the basket with black paint. I left it to dry for two days since I was going to be using tape over the freshly painted black paint. After two days, I taped my design, painted it white (with a hint of silver), and voila! It was all done. graphic basket graphic basket graphic basket From an old brass-colored basket to a truly one-of-a-kind graphic basket. For more projects and updates follow us on IG. Have you seen how we made a modern-looking oversized chandelier? Head on over here to see details. graphic basket graphic basket

A Large Dining Table or a Ping Pong Table?

Dining Table   When we got ready to start decorating my parent’s house we were faced with a dilemma. We needed a large dining table. To be more precise, we needed a table for 15. The problem was that the dining room wasn’t THAT big. Meanwhile, my parents were envisioning happy family gatherings around a large dining table on a perfect lazy Sunday afternoon. So, of course, I could not crush that little dream of theirs. After 300 plus opinions, we decided to do a round dining table at the “official” dining room for smaller dinner gatherings and breakfast. We then took advantage of the large living room and decided to transform that room into a living room combined with a dining room and a game room as well. Once we had a goal, we started our search for a dining table that could fit 15. It turns out, it is nearly impossible to find such table. But back in my dark attic, an old table sat there quietly, waiting patiently amongst boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations and Halloween costumes. A couple of years ago, we carefully placed my old dining table in the attic despite our strict attic rule. We do have very strict rules about this attic of ours. And by we, I really mean Alex. The rule is simple, very simple. Nothing goes in the attic. According to Alex, the attic can only store seasonal items. Things that stay there for a while but come downstairs once in a while to say a quick hello. But my old table, oh, I could not let that one go. Her legs were just too good-looking. Skinny and shiny, and oh, so metallic! I knew that if I saved it in the forbidden attic for a couple of years, one day she would come downstairs to show off her legs again. And I had just found the perfect opportunity. Read More

Scooter Makeover – Kids Projects

::::  MAKING IT/ Scooter Makeover  ::::

Back in July, Bela and Marcus spotted two old scooters at a yard sale in our neighborhood. We purchased both scooters for $5 each. I thought it would be cool to give these old scooters a face lift. Nothing too complicated, just spray paint them to make them more colorful. So a couple of weeks ago, I finally got around to do it. Bela's old scooter was golden with red. We transformed it with pink, orange and white spray paint. It turned out to be a pretty easy makeover, and Bela loved the transformation. Check out the details below: Old Scooter Scooter Makeover Scooter Makeover Scooter Makeover Scooter Makeover Scooter Makeover Project check list: - scooter - spray paint in different colors - tape To see more Making It projects, visit our Pinterest board here.
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