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Office Makeover – Room Tour

Happy 2017! I am so excited for new beginnings and many new projects that I hope this year will bring us. Last year we worked on some great projects, like the room for seven, the rustic chandelier, and one of my favorites, my office makeover. office makeover We started the office remodel sometime in the summer. We wanted to make the room brighter, more feminine, more welcoming, and more Trendy. Get it? Prior to the makeover, the space did what it was supposed to do but didn't feel very inspiring. It had a great working area for three computers and lots of storage space. With two big windows, the lighting was pretty good, but the dark-colored walls felt a little sad. I also wanted to transform this office into a shared space, creating room for a play area for the kiddos. office makeover So for this office makeover to work, we focused on the following items: Read More

New Chandelier Installation

We are back installing yet another chandelier at the Cancado residence. I am happy to say that this chandelier installation went on without any hiccups. And we are loving this new piece in the newly remodeled Trendy Peas' office. chandelier installation chandelier installation If you read this post here, you will remember we only needed the new coffee table and new chandelier to arrive so we could finish the remodeling project of Trendy Peas' office space. Well, both pieces have arrived and they look amazing. We will do a full tour of the new studio as soon as we can. We just need some time out to organize the fun Summer chaos with all the kids out of school. So before the actual office tour happens, I will just leave you drooling over this gorgeous mobile chandelier. Isn't it darling? Its antique bronze color is the perfect match for the newly painted gray cabinets. And with its adjustable arms and contemporary shape, this mobile chandelier is bringing a beautiful and dramatic effect into our studio. chandelier installation For more design tips, follow us on Instagram. Oh, and check back this Friday for a couple free goodies.  

Bits and Pieces of the Studio

The cabinets in our studio have been painted and are looking amazing. Out with the brown color and in with white and gray. This office makeover is looking so fresh! The space feels much more inviting now. I can foresee many happy hours of design work happening here. There are still a few items that need to arrive to complete the room. We are waiting for the new light fixture as well as a beautiful coffee table. So even though I am not ready to share the entire space with you today, I still wanted you to glance over a few bits and pieces of the studio. How about this white shelf with gold décor? Bits and Pieces of the Studio Bits and Pieces of the Studio office shelf Studio Chair Bits and Pieces of the Studio office shelf Bits and Pieces of the Studio Pillows Check back soon to see the entire space. PS: to see the behind the scenes, follow us on Instagram.

Office Renovation – Make it more girly, please!

My office renovation is finally taking place. Raquel and I spend half of our working hours here at my home studio. The other half is usually spent by the pool while we juggled margaritas. No. No. I AM JUST KIDDING. We prefer mojitos. office renovation This office is very spacious with two great windows. It has lots of cabinets. And the best part is that it is here, right at home. It sounds so perfect, right? So why the need to renovate it? Well, unfortunately, the space has that lawyer firm look, a very dated lawyer firm that is. Think beige carpet, dark cabinets, traditional-looking cabinet hardware, a hideous ceiling fan, and the list just goes on and on. To brighten up this space, I want to bring in different geometric patterns, lots of black and white mixed with pops of bright colors, and a splash of gold. I want to make this a fresh space. One that inspires and gives fuel to my creative brain. Otherwise, we might want to hit the pool way too often. Office Renovation office renovation Did I tell you that I share this room with my kids occasionally? Well yes, this office is also a playroom. Luckily, the abundance of cabinets hide all the toys. So, most of the time, it does feel just like an office. I have already placed some of the items you see here in the room. But the big change will happen only in May, when the cabinets will get painted. Expect the full room reveal in late May. Come back to check it out and tour the new room soon. Office Renovation PS: Do you follow us on Instagram? Visit this post here to find out why you should be following us.

IKEA diy desk – Making it

We just finished putting together an IKEA diy desk. This was such an easy and fun project to work on. We used left over material we had laying around the house to get this beauty done. A couple of 2x4" pieces, the same dark-colored stain we used on the kitchen countertops, and an IKEA kitchen cabinet panel we ended up not needing from our recent kitchen renovation. IKEA diy desk Read More
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