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The Making of a Shelf – Making it

I love using my hands to create things. And while I probably design something new every day, I am usually designing things behind a computer screen. Unless; it is one of those good rare days where I get to dab on watercolor and paper all day long. So when I partnered with Project Nursery to create DIY projects for them, I was thrilled. Every month, I come up with a do-it-yourself project, a décor hack, or a simple craft or a styling tip.   For a while now, I have been eyeing these minimal metal shelving systems. Do you know which ones I am referring to? That ladder shelving mid-century inspired trend I get to see on so many magazines that pop in my mailbox these days. So, when I was thinking about my next DIY project, I dared myself to make one of those gorgeous shelves. And boy, how I liked the final result.   making a shelf Read More

DIY Photo Display with Project Nursery

This month's DIY project in partnership with Project Nursery is the most simple and charming DIY photo display. Once you have all items in hand, you can finish this DIY project is less than 15 minutes. It's super easy. To see the full step-by-step instructions visit Project Nursery. diy photo display
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DIY Paper Mobile with Project Nursery

Our latest DIY piece for Project Nursery is a cute modern-looking paper mobile. We've put together a very easy tutorial to create this fun little project. Making a custom mobile is a great way to add a personal touch to the baby's nursery. Nursery mobiles can also make a unique and personal gift for the new mama. Oh, and did I mention that this project is super budget-friendly? So visit Project Nursery here to download the paper pattern templates and see the full step-by-step instructions. paper mobile
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Featured nursery of the week.

Welcome to Sienna’s room. A simple and elegant space with lots of white and a hint of red. Mom Christina purchased five of our 11x14 Bird prints to take over the walls in this large room. The prints were created to match each other, from the pink background to the white braches and the different shades of pinks, red and green. I was really happy how the prints turned out. And I think they look great in the room. The name above the crib in red letters created a great focal point in the space. And the lighting is so very darling. sienna Sienna, is Christina’s first child. In Christina’s own words she shared with us a little of her experience. “Motherhood's been a wonderful experience so far! Even with a few hours of sleep I can't complain.” Congratulations Christina. The Trendy Peas family wishes you and your family many years of happiness.

Another beautiful nursery…

Yesterday I received the cutest nursery pictures from Elizabeth DeLaney. She purchased four of our bird prints. The prints vary in color from blue, beige, green, pink and a hint of red. All in pastel colors, very subtle. They worked really well with the colors in her nursery. The colors of the space remind me of the colors from this post here. Great choices. I also liked how she arranged the frames. It looks very cute. And I am really digging that rocking chair. Thanks for sharing Elizabeth! ehnursery
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