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Artwork Challenge – Getting together with Minted and West Elm

Since the beginning of the year, I have been busy designing, painting and retouching a lot of new art for another artwork challenge. I love to participate in Minted's art challenges because they help me keep my creative fuel flowing. Being part of the Minted community is really about personal development and the freedom to design what you want. In this challenge, Minted is partnering with West Elm and both stores will select winning art prints. It seems like 2017 is putting me into a beautiful watercolor mood. So here are a couple of watercolor pieces that I am entering into the competition this weekend. Do you think you can choose a favorite? Vote for us here. artwork challenge artwork challenge artwork challenge artwork challenge Make sure you visit minted in February and vote for Trendy Peas. And if you are a designer and would like to join the fun, click here to see how. While there is still time to enter, you have to hurry because design submission ends Tuesday the 31st! PS: follow us here to see all the behind the scenes.

New Designs for Minted + Pottery Barn

When you mix Minted with Pottery Barn is kind of like mixing strawberry with chocolate fudge. Yum! I have been happily designing non-stop this week for Minted's new design contest. This time around, Minted has partnered with Pottery Barn kids. Together, they will select a few designs that will be available for sale on Minted's website as well as Pottery Barn's. I love participating in these design projects. It sure helps me keep my creative juice flowing and flowing. Below are a few new designs that I have already submitted. New Designs New Designs New Designs Read More

Trendy Peas Gets Minted!

Is it too early to start planning for the Holidays? Maybe. I certainly can't get my mind to go that far ahead. But it won't hurt to browse the beautiful Holidays cards from Minted's new 2011 collection. I am so happy to say that this year, Minted will be selling one of Trendy Peas' designs, our very own "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" card. This design is available in three colors variations. And Minted has a great selection for backer options, envelope liners, and mailing address labels. Be sure to check our design and many more designs available at Minted here. Enjoy! Picture 3 Picture 4

Autumn Greetings

P1020699_ Hello? Is anyone still out there? It has been quite a while since my last post. I am glad to be back here writing again. Over here we can see some leaves changing their colors and socks are a must now for bedtime. Bela and Marcus are still enjoying the outdoors. They play outside as most as they can. But we are slowly saying goodbye to summer and are trying to come up with more indoor activities. We have been reading more often and falling in love for trains, blocks and puzzles. What about you? What are some of your favorite indoor activities? What about favorite children’s books? I am taking suggestions… Picture 12 Over at Trendy Peas things are non-stop action. Back in June, we designed a couple of holiday cards for Minted. And they are now ready for sale. I really liked how they turned out. Minted has an incredible selection of holiday cards this year. So, what are you waiting for? Head on to Minted and see for yourself. It is never to soon to start planning. I will be sharing a little bit of our house in my next post. Check back soon. Picture 9 Picture 10
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