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DIY Paper Mobile with Project Nursery

Our latest DIY piece for Project Nursery is a cute modern-looking paper mobile. We've put together a very easy tutorial to create this fun little project. Making a custom mobile is a great way to add a personal touch to the baby's nursery. Nursery mobiles can also make a unique and personal gift for the new mama. Oh, and did I mention that this project is super budget-friendly? So visit Project Nursery here to download the paper pattern templates and see the full step-by-step instructions. paper mobile
diy paper mobile PS: Let’s be social. Connect with us here>> And to see more from our Making series, visit these posts here.

Hand Dyed Indigo Napkins – Making it

Spring this year came a little sooner than usual. Then it kind of waved us goodbye again and the temperature dropped. But now, it is officially Spring and that gets us thinking about outside dining, cookouts, and afternoons by the pool. I have been wanting to hand dye a couple of home items for quite some time. From placemats, to throw quilts or pillow cases. So, the other day I wore my plastic blue gloves and finally did it. Making hand dyed indigo napkins is a fun way to add more pattern and color to the table setting making the next mealtime a little extra special. Hand Dyed Indigo Napkins Hand Dyed Indigo Napkins Hand Dyed Indigo Napkins Hand Dyed Indigo Napkins
1- Napkins (you can order the same ones I used here, or use what you have in your home) 2- Tie dye kit (I recommend this one here because it comes with the dye as well as a couple of tools, like the rubber bands, gloves, popsicle sticks and square wooden pieces) 3- Clothespins 4- Large bucket Hand Dyed Indigo Napkins Read More

Nursery Organization + DIY Clothes Rack

We've partnered with Project Nursery once again for another DIY project. And guess what, if you still have some left over copper pipes from our previous projects like this one here or this one here, you might have all the materials you will need. We've put together a very simple and stylish DIY clothes rack for those cute baby clothes. This hanging rack is a functional idea to keep the nursery organized. Click here to see the step-by-step instructions at Project Nursery. DIY clothes rack
PS: Let's be social. Connect with us here>> And to see more from our Making series, visit these posts here. Potato Print Wallpaper starting at $99.99. Save Save

DIY Wall Hanging Tapestry with Project Nursery – Making it

What can you do with some copper hardware and chunky yarn? Well, a gorgeous wall tapestry off course! We've put together another DIY project in partnership with Project Nursery. We've designed a DIY wall hanging tapestry that is easy to make, affordable, and it looks super GOOD. You can use this décor item in the baby nursery, as well as a bedroom, or family room. So, visit the post here to see the step-by-step instructions and all the materials you will need. Happy decorating! diy wall hanging tapestry To see more projects from our making it series, click here. And don't forget to follow us on IG to see more behind the scenes and upcoming projects.

DIY Project – Trendy Peas and Project Nursery

I am thrilled to have partnered with Project Nursery, one of my favorite kids' blog. In case you never heard of them, you must check them out. At Project Nursery's blog you will find tips about kids décor, kids parties, and everything that is trending in the baby world. For this partnership, I will be writing about one DIY project every month. These projects will range from simple, yet elegant décor for kids' spaces, to free printables and more. So let me give you a sneak peek of our first DIY project for Project Nursery. diy project Because almost every baby will have a difficult time transitioning from crib to big bed, we decided to create a DIY headboard to make that milestone more fun. For more details and to see all instructions about this very simple DIY project, visit Project Nursery here. Oh, and just in case you have any ideas of projects you would like to see, feel free to contact us. Since Project Nursery is all about baby, think about projects that would target mamas that are decorating their kids' spaces. PS: Don't forget to follow us on IG so you can see all the behind the scenes of more projects like this one. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

IKEA diy desk – Making it

We just finished putting together an IKEA diy desk. This was such an easy and fun project to work on. We used left over material we had laying around the house to get this beauty done. A couple of 2x4" pieces, the same dark-colored stain we used on the kitchen countertops, and an IKEA kitchen cabinet panel we ended up not needing from our recent kitchen renovation. IKEA diy desk Read More

Scooter Makeover – Kids Projects

::::  MAKING IT/ Scooter Makeover  ::::

Back in July, Bela and Marcus spotted two old scooters at a yard sale in our neighborhood. We purchased both scooters for $5 each. I thought it would be cool to give these old scooters a face lift. Nothing too complicated, just spray paint them to make them more colorful. So a couple of weeks ago, I finally got around to do it. Bela's old scooter was golden with red. We transformed it with pink, orange and white spray paint. It turned out to be a pretty easy makeover, and Bela loved the transformation. Check out the details below: Old Scooter Scooter Makeover Scooter Makeover Scooter Makeover Scooter Makeover Scooter Makeover Project check list: - scooter - spray paint in different colors - tape To see more Making It projects, visit our Pinterest board here.
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