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A boy bedroom makeover

I have a fun and exciting project in my hands. I just started to brainstorm about a makeover for my nephew's bedroom. This room has a great size and a huge window, however, somehow this room suffer from poor lighting syndrome. How did that happen? Perhaps the oversized bunk bed is the one to blame. After all, this bunk bed is in fact, kind of large, dark, and too heavy for the bedroom. Or maybe, just maybe, the dated green walls are making this room look darker than it really is. Besides the outdated issues we have to take care of, I also need to address the problem of functionality. Lucas is 10-years-old and needs a desk area, better storage, and great lighting for book reading in bed. Another problem is that most of the décor items in his room don't relate to him anymore. So, to kick off this project, I created the mood board below focusing on timeless items. For this first design board, I am keeping things more on the monochromatic side. But once we have all the wall art, trophies, photos, and books, his room will be filled with pops of color. When creating a space for a child, I like to create an excellent base and ideal workflow for the room. The furniture, desk, shelves, lighting should be timeless items that will work for the child now as well as in 5 years. There is no need to get a full bedroom makeover in the near future. When that time comes, I hope to be able to change just decorative items that will relate to a 15-year-old instead of a 10-year-old. boy bedroom makeover I do believe this little project will take some time to tackle it. But I will keep updating its progress here on the blog.
Here are the sources for the boy bedroom makeover design board: Shelves. Chair. Pillow. Bedding. Lighting. Night Stand. Drum Sticks. Poster. Acrylic Shelves.
PS: Get to see more behind the scenes here.

New Chandelier Installation

We are back installing yet another chandelier at the Cancado residence. I am happy to say that this chandelier installation went on without any hiccups. And we are loving this new piece in the newly remodeled Trendy Peas' office. chandelier installation chandelier installation If you read this post here, you will remember we only needed the new coffee table and new chandelier to arrive so we could finish the remodeling project of Trendy Peas' office space. Well, both pieces have arrived and they look amazing. We will do a full tour of the new studio as soon as we can. We just need some time out to organize the fun Summer chaos with all the kids out of school. So before the actual office tour happens, I will just leave you drooling over this gorgeous mobile chandelier. Isn't it darling? Its antique bronze color is the perfect match for the newly painted gray cabinets. And with its adjustable arms and contemporary shape, this mobile chandelier is bringing a beautiful and dramatic effect into our studio. chandelier installation For more design tips, follow us on Instagram. Oh, and check back this Friday for a couple free goodies.  

Living Room Makeover Video

A couple of weeks ago I helped my sister finish decorating her living room. This living room makeover turned out really good. I wish I had some before pictures to share, but unfortunately I don't. So, try to imagine a closed in space, with light colored green walls, two oversized sofas, and not a lot of décor items. Did you picture that? Ok, so now go on, look at the image below and say: "Yep, the after photo looks way better". Because it really DOES! Believe me. living room makeover The first step in this makeover was to create a more welcoming floor plan. To achieve that, we knocked down two walls. Once the walls were removed, this living room was instantly transformed into one big open space that now connects to the family room. Right next to the family room, you find a beautiful open kitchen. The biggest challenge when decorating large spaces or connecting rooms is to create a cohesive look throughout the rooms. So to make sure the eyes can easily flow from one room to the next, we started off by painting all the walls the same color. No more light colored walls or red accent walls. We then used a lot of the same main neutral colors in all three spaces. From the white on the pillows, to the white from the lounge chairs, to the white-colored bookshelves in the family room, and the white kitchen cabinets. The same repetition happens with browns, blacks and different shades of gray. living room makeover living room makeover living room makeover living room makeover modern pillows living room makeover triangle pilllow I enjoyed using a couple of my own pieces in this space, such as the "squares" print, the "ink and charcoal" print and the graphic pillows. I really love how it turned out and I know think my sister did too. The room is sophisticated, but not too serious. It is inviting, but kid and pet-friendly. It is very functional for her family and their living style. You can watch the styling video of living room makeover below. Enjoy! For more design ideas, follow us on Instagram to see which room we are installing next.

Bits and Pieces of the Studio

The cabinets in our studio have been painted and are looking amazing. Out with the brown color and in with white and gray. This office makeover is looking so fresh! The space feels much more inviting now. I can foresee many happy hours of design work happening here. There are still a few items that need to arrive to complete the room. We are waiting for the new light fixture as well as a beautiful coffee table. So even though I am not ready to share the entire space with you today, I still wanted you to glance over a few bits and pieces of the studio. How about this white shelf with gold décor? Bits and Pieces of the Studio Bits and Pieces of the Studio office shelf Studio Chair Bits and Pieces of the Studio office shelf Bits and Pieces of the Studio Pillows Check back soon to see the entire space. PS: to see the behind the scenes, follow us on Instagram.

A Room For Seven Kids

My latest design project involves seven kids, ONE bedroom and a lot of imagination. I am super thrilled to be creating a room for seven kids at my parents' house. The youngest of them is 3 years old and the oldest is 10. And the first sleep over is this weekend! This room is pretty spacious and it was in great shape. The bedroom is surrounded by four windows, so the space gets great lightning throughout the day. We painted the bedroom walls a light gray color and refinished the floors to give it a fresh feel. A Room For Seven Kids The beds for the project arrived last week from IKEA. Which means, we have to assemble all 7 beds, 4 of them being regular beds and then 3 pullout beds. I have put so many IKEA furniture together over the years that sometimes I don't even need to follow the instructions. But that doesn't really make it all that much easier. It takes time to assemble these pieces. Oh, it does! Still, I love how affordable it is and the clean design of the furniture is just my style. A Room For Seven Kids A Room For Seven Kids A Room For Seven Kids Once we finish the space I will do a full tour here on the blog. Come back soon to see how we transformed this space into a room for seven kids! For design inspiration visit my pinterest board here. For behind the scenes, follow us here.
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