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Kitchen Renovation – Before and After

Hold your breath! The after photo is well worth it. This kitchen renovation happened last year. It took place somewhere between Summer, a chaotic house demo, and a trip to IKEA. The space was small, so we started this renovation by taking down a wall to open the kitchen up and let some much needed light in. We had to strip out all of the old and start fresh! The blue cabinets were removed, the hideous linoleum was ripped apart and the room was left in this disoriented shape. No wonder the kitchen felt so confused. Not knowing what it was and what it was supposed to do, soon the kitchen started to grab us all like preys using those nasty old wires to create little human cocoons left there to rotten. And while we tried to keep it cool and pretend that this renovation was not a big deal and we were in no rush to be done, the rest of the house was facing the same situation. The living room, the half bath, the dining room, they were all begging to be rescued. But don't panic, in the end, we all survived. Kitchen Renovation Read More
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