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30/52 – Portraits during a layover, a long layover that is

Two days ago we headed down south, way down I should say. Alex, the kids and I hopped on an airplane to fly to Brazil to catch a glimpse of the Olympic games happening next week in Rio de Janeiro. While traveling with my family is one of my favorite things to do, every parent knows that traveling with kids is always a bit crazy and often exhausting. Due to some inevitable long layovers, travel can easily be a daunting task. To make things a little easier during our long 10-hour wait in Miami, we left the airport and went exploring. So for this week's photo challenge, I focused on portraits during a layover. But fortunately, the layover turned out to be a good one... portraits during a layover Read More

16/52 – Weekend Portraits

Smiles, smiles, and more smiles. That is what the weekends are for, right? Here are the weekend portraits from last week's photo challenge. After a busy weekend, we got to spend the last hours of Sunday afternoon all together, while enjoying the 65º weather. weekend portraits Read More

8/52 – Photo Challenge

This photo challenge is way more challenging than I thought. It turns out I don't take my camera out enough times to capture photos of our family on a weekly basis. Which is not surprising at all. But maybe, if I keep up with the weekly photo challenge… All the photos from this week were taken with my iPhone and edited with Whitagram. I love to use my iPhone to edit photos. Which apps do you use to edit your photos? My favorites are Whitagram and Afterlight. Photo Challenge Read More

6/52 – Winter Wonderland

Last week's photo challenge was more of a personal challenge than a photo skills challenge. With temperatures ranging from 7 to 19 degrees Fahrenheit, I guess my challenge was to see how many times I would remove my fuzzy and warm gloves to capture little memories in a beautiful winter wonderland. Our weekend getaway was a very cold one. We headed to the ski slopes at Wintergreen with family and friends for a busy weekend packed with lots of snow and plenty of snowboarding/skiing action. Bela and Marcus have now mastered their snowboarding skills while the little guy has just started. Here are the best photos I captured from each one of them. Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland 1:: Victor with his toys seeing skiers get on and off the lift 2:: Marcus goofing around on the snow 3:: Bela on her board getting ready to go down the slope Do you like to take pictures? I have challenged myself to take one picture of the kids every week. If you want to join the challenge post your kids photos on IG and tag #weeklyphotowithtrendypeas so I can see your photos. Random moments, or theme portraits, anything works. Xo, Patchi

5/52 – 80’s portrait, a colorful event

This weekend we celebrated 80's style. The best theme to get kid's portraits might just be an 80's portrait session. All that abundance of color plus the great lighting we had on Saturday afternoon made it easy to get some good shots of the kids. Perhaps we should start dressing like the 80's, no? 80's portrait 80's portrait 80's portrait 1:: Bela making a wish for her 80's theme birthday party 2:: Marcus playing four square in 80's fashion 3:: Victor dancing to 80's music Do you like to take pictures? I have challenged myself to take one picture of the kids every week. If you want to join the challenge post your kids photos on IG and tag #weeklyphotowithtrendypeas so I can see your photos. Random moments, or theme portraits, like this 80's portrait from Bela's party or a black and white session like the portraits from this week here. Anything works. Xo, Patchi

Modern Pillows – Chic, yet Playful

I am super thrilled to share our new collection of modern pillows. Our pillows scream chic but playful home décor. They work in the kids’ room, playrooms, and even your lovely living room. All pillows are designed and crafted here in the USA, just for YOUR family. All pillows are: - 18×18 inches - Double sided print - Soft and durable - Concealed zipper - Pillow insert included (handwash only) - Resilient polyester filling retains shape Modern Pillows   Modern Pillows To celebrate the new pillow collection, we are giving away one pillow to one of you. To enter, follow us on Instagram and then, tag one of your friends in the comments. Visit here to see the entire collection.
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