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Got Trendy?

Got Trendy? If so, we would love to feature your child’s room featuring Trendy Peas’ products right here on our blog and on the Real Rooms section of our site. Some of our past blog posts have been dedicated to show some of our customers’ kids rooms (Sienna, Quinn, Lucas & Alex, Blakely) and they are now a permanent fixture of our website on our Real Rooms page. realrooms Our Real Rooms page is there to inspire all of you by showcasing customer photos with some of Trendy Peas’ products. I always find it helpful to see pictures of a product in a real room. It makes me feel that I can make something work for the space I have as well. I hope that you find inspiration in the current rooms being showcased and that you come back and share pictures of your room decorated with Trendy Peas’ pieces. Do you have photos to share with us? We would love to see how our products are being used in your room. Show us what you have! Send me an email at with your photos.

Around our house

As promised, I am showing a little corner in our house. Alex and I bought our house 5 years ago. Ever since, we have remodeled it and we actually still do. We removed a ton of wall paper that just didn't work for us. We painted all walls, sanded and refinished the floors, changed cabinets in the kitchen, changed light fixtures, bought this, bought that... We always have fun doing it. But it is no easy work. Sometimes the fun goes running out the door and you are left behind with some anger frustration and you feel the project will never get done! It is nice to look back and see what we have done. We are very proud f our home. So here you go. Come on in, have a seat, take a look around our living room and let's  chat. To me the best part of it are the wooden beams and fireplace. What do you guys like better about it? firstphotoonesofa2twosofas2bar1frombartwosofasonesofa

Get Inspired

Here are some beautiful baby rooms for anyone to get inspired. My favorite is the first one. How adorable. Enjoy! babyrooms

Pretty in Pink

This room is such an inspiration to me. I love its simplicity. It is so elegant and fresh at the same time. I think the beds are beautiful and the polka dots chair is very charming. The pink and white with the light wooden table work really well. And I bet those walls taste like candy. Humm, very yummy... prettyinpink
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