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Holiday Photo Cards

The end of the year can be so chaotic and busy and it is yet one of my favorite moments of the year. I love how families and friends come together to celebrate the end of another year. Oh, and those pretty Christmas lights. Why do they feel so magical? With lots of celebrating there are of course lots of planning to do. So when it is time to snap those photos for our holiday photo cards, I always follow 3 simple steps. Because if I don't make it easy (and I mean, super easy), I know I won't do it at all. Holiday Card Photos 1- S E T T I N G I like to make the setting super simple. Just a simple background. Maybe trees or maybe a solid colored wall. A garage door is also a great option. I want the focus of the photo to be on the kids and their heart melting smiles. This year, I placed our outdoor seating in front of our evergreen bushes that happen to be facing our neighbor's gorgeous pine trees. Once I decide on a setting, I take a couple of pictures to test the lighting and best angles and then, I am all set! Holiday Card Photos 2- C L O T H E S Once I know what kind of setting I have to work with, I start thinking about the clothing. I start my clothing choice by picking items that are somewhat neutral. Maybe a solid black shirt and black pants. Always think solid first. Then I add some texture or pattern. Stripes always work well for a pattern that is not too busy. This year, I chose Bela's dress as the piece of clothing that features a little bit of texture and pattern. Lastly, I add a pop of color. Red or green are usually my first choice. Other great color combinations could be mustard yellow and navy blue for a golden Holiday Photo card. Or perhaps silver with neon colors for a modern twist. Once I gather all clothing I lay them out in bed to see if they do work well together. Then, and only then, I shout: "KIIIIIDS, Christmas Card photo time!" And they come dragging their little feet. "Really?!" they ask... Read More

Walmart Holiday Collection

Walmart Holiday Collection We have partnered with to design an exclusive Walmart holiday collection of five wall decals. The collection is modern, fun, and colorful. Lots of greens mixed with teal, bright red, muted red, hints of orange and brown. The holiday collection features a mistletoe, nicely wrapped Christmas gifts, a modern-looking Christmas tree, and a gorgeous deer along with other Christmas motifs. Press play below to see the new collection. Mistletoe Wall Decal These removable wall decals are a great décor idea for the holidays. No hole drilling necessary. Just peel-and-stick decals on the wall and you got instant holiday décor. When January comes, you can remove the stickers from the wall, store them and re-use it again next year. Didn't I say they were great! Walmart Holiday Collection Noel Wall Decal Christmas Tree Wall Decal Choose from one of our 5 new designs and shop at All wall decals retail at $26.92. Visit Walmart's website today for more details. Happy decorating!  

Autumn Greetings

P1020699_ Hello? Is anyone still out there? It has been quite a while since my last post. I am glad to be back here writing again. Over here we can see some leaves changing their colors and socks are a must now for bedtime. Bela and Marcus are still enjoying the outdoors. They play outside as most as they can. But we are slowly saying goodbye to summer and are trying to come up with more indoor activities. We have been reading more often and falling in love for trains, blocks and puzzles. What about you? What are some of your favorite indoor activities? What about favorite children’s books? I am taking suggestions… Picture 12 Over at Trendy Peas things are non-stop action. Back in June, we designed a couple of holiday cards for Minted. And they are now ready for sale. I really liked how they turned out. Minted has an incredible selection of holiday cards this year. So, what are you waiting for? Head on to Minted and see for yourself. It is never to soon to start planning. I will be sharing a little bit of our house in my next post. Check back soon. Picture 9 Picture 10

Holiday Designs

Here is a sneak peek of some of our holiday designs. We are offering photo holiday cards, round gift tags, and Christmas cards. All designs are custom. So you will be able to enter your favorite photos or create your own message. Designs will be available for purchase soon.  So keep checking for more details. holidayitems
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