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30/52 – Portraits during a layover, a long layover that is

Two days ago we headed down south, way down I should say. Alex, the kids and I hopped on an airplane to fly to Brazil to catch a glimpse of the Olympic games happening next week in Rio de Janeiro. While traveling with my family is one of my favorite things to do, every parent knows that traveling with kids is always a bit crazy and often exhausting. Due to some inevitable long layovers, travel can easily be a daunting task. To make things a little easier during our long 10-hour wait in Miami, we left the airport and went exploring. So for this week's photo challenge, I focused on portraits during a layover. But fortunately, the layover turned out to be a good one... portraits during a layover Read More

27/52 – Camping photography

Alex's triathlon competition took us all the way to Colonial beach, a rocky beach near a State park where we go camping with friends and family every year. Bike rides, s'mores, and tick bites were all in order. It's such a fun and easy trip to enjoy with the kids. Their favorite part, or mine, is to hunt for ancient shark teeth along the Potomac. This year we found seven! Here is a bit of our camping photography for my weekly photo challenge. camping photography width= Read More

23/52 – Beach Portraits

Beach portraits are though! The sun was hitting us strong and the sand was all over my lenses. Yuck! But even with the harsh light, I managed to snap a few photos of the gang that I will cherish forever. Not sure if any of these will make to the annual family album, but I still enjoy capturing these moments that are zooming by way too quickly. beach portraits Read More

19/52 – Kids Photos from Last Week

Last week we felt all the emotions we could possibly feel in only one week. Feelings of anxiety, sadness, joy, sickness, excitement, and stress embraced all of our hearts in one way or another. I must say I am happy it is Monday. Really happy. We have survived last week's emotional roller coaster and look forward to seeing what this week will bring our way. Deep breaths and let's go. Here are the pics from last week's photo challenge. kids photos Read More

16/52 – Weekend Portraits

Smiles, smiles, and more smiles. That is what the weekends are for, right? Here are the weekend portraits from last week's photo challenge. After a busy weekend, we got to spend the last hours of Sunday afternoon all together, while enjoying the 65º weather. weekend portraits Read More

Scenes from New York City

After 6 hours and 30 minutes inside a minivan for 8 people, we arrived in New York city for three days of non-stop activities. Just like the city, we never stopped. We went from one side of the central park to the other and up the Empire State building. We visited the Metropolitan Museum, the Belvedere Castle, Chelsea Market and Times Square. The subway is always an entertainment when the kids are around. And that little Broadway show called Matilda, was AMAZING. Here is how those three days went by. New York Metro New York city New York city Metropolitan Museum Metropolitan Museum Central Park Read More

12/52 – Spring Break Portraits

We are on full Spring Break mode. Last week's Spring Break portraits came from Mexico. We have been here for two days, so I have not managed to take lots of pics just yet. We are happily enjoying warm weather, palm trees, white sand, and a couple of sunburns. Ouch! Spring Break Portraits Read More

11/52 – New York Photos

I love seeing a glimpse of the world through my kids' eyes. As we got off the cab in New York City, Marcus could not contain his excitement as he watched all the lights in Times Square. His words: "Wow, is this Tokyo?" Here are the portraits for week 11 of 52. All of the New York photos below were taken with my iPhone. New York Photos Read More

9/52 – Weekend Scenes

Here we are at week number 9 of my photo challenge. I captured some very last minute shots AGAIN on Sunday afternoon. We had a great time this weekend, with great weather, but the kids and I missed Alex most of the time. He had left us for Arizona on Wednesday. We panicked between piano lessons, basketball game, and birthday parties. But he hurried back home on Sunday night and we were all so thrilled! Here are the portraits from our weekend scenes. weekend scenes Read More
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