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The Making of a Shelf – Making it

I love using my hands to create things. And while I probably design something new every day, I am usually designing things behind a computer screen. Unless; it is one of those good rare days where I get to dab on watercolor and paper all day long. So when I partnered with Project Nursery to create DIY projects for them, I was thrilled. Every month, I come up with a do-it-yourself project, a décor hack, or a simple craft or a styling tip.   For a while now, I have been eyeing these minimal metal shelving systems. Do you know which ones I am referring to? That ladder shelving mid-century inspired trend I get to see on so many magazines that pop in my mailbox these days. So, when I was thinking about my next DIY project, I dared myself to make one of those gorgeous shelves. And boy, how I liked the final result.   making a shelf Read More

Last Minute Halloween Décor – Styling with Patchi

So, you just started talking to your co-worker about Halloween and before you realized it, you were inviting 5 people to come over for a Halloween get together. But, then, you start wondering about the décor, right? Well, we have two super easy last minute Halloween décor ideas just for you. And who said Halloween decoration needs to be all drab and no fab? Scroll down to see how we created a garland made out of black boa and how sticks in a jar is so Halloweenish. last minute halloween decor ideas
Last Minute Halloween Decor Ideas
1- The Jar with Sticks There are no tricks to this décor. We just picked some sticks from the backyard and chose an oversized jar to make the arrangement. Then for a little extra spice, we added little plastic spiders and bats we had around the house. last minute halloween decor 2- Fluffy Garland To create this gorgeous and fluffy garland, we used a garland wire we had from a previous christmas garland we put together last year, and black boa. All we did was to weave the boa around it and voila. Super easy and super fast to make it. last minute halloween decor Keeping the theme monochromatic made the decor look effortless and chic. Happy Halloween! We hope it is a fabulous one. last minute halloween decor ideas Don't forget to follow on IG to see all the behind the scenes and our costumes. For more styling ideas visit here.

DIY Wall Hooks – Making it

Let’s get ready for Fall with our cute DIY wall hooks. Gearing to the fall weather has got me thinking about fun ideas to organize the house for the new season. So, I decided to make a couple of adorable, fun and modern-looking wooden wall hooks for jackets, bags and more. Visit Project Nursery to learn all about this fun project. Let's go! DIY Wall Hooks

DIY Wall Hooks | Triangles Wall Decal

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DIY Poster Wood Hanger – Making it

We put together another DIY project in partnership with Project Nursery. We wanted to create a great alternative to framing in the nursery by using a wood hanger instead of the traditional frame. The materials needed for this DIY poster wood hanger is some wood strips, magnets, little eye screws, some cord, and of course, great wall art. To see the full tutorial visit Project Nursery here and let us know if you will give it a try. diy poster wood hanger
custom birth print | grid pillow
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DIY Photo Display with Project Nursery

This month's DIY project in partnership with Project Nursery is the most simple and charming DIY photo display. Once you have all items in hand, you can finish this DIY project is less than 15 minutes. It's super easy. To see the full step-by-step instructions visit Project Nursery. diy photo display
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DIY Indigo Apron + Unique Mother’s Day Gift

We put together a DIY indigo apron tutorial that is adorable. With Mother's Day quickly approaching, we thought this DIY indigo apron could make a last minute unique and very special gift for mom. This project is super easy. I promise you that before you know it, you too will be pretending you just baked for 2 hours like I am right here. So, what do you say? Just click through to see the full step-by-step instructions. Enjoy! DIY indigo apron DIY indigo apron Read More

DIY Paper Mobile with Project Nursery

Our latest DIY piece for Project Nursery is a cute modern-looking paper mobile. We've put together a very easy tutorial to create this fun little project. Making a custom mobile is a great way to add a personal touch to the baby's nursery. Nursery mobiles can also make a unique and personal gift for the new mama. Oh, and did I mention that this project is super budget-friendly? So visit Project Nursery here to download the paper pattern templates and see the full step-by-step instructions. paper mobile
diy paper mobile PS: Let’s be social. Connect with us here>> And to see more from our Making series, visit these posts here.

Hand Dyed Indigo Napkins – Making it

Spring this year came a little sooner than usual. Then it kind of waved us goodbye again and the temperature dropped. But now, it is officially Spring and that gets us thinking about outside dining, cookouts, and afternoons by the pool. I have been wanting to hand dye a couple of home items for quite some time. From placemats, to throw quilts or pillow cases. So, the other day I wore my plastic blue gloves and finally did it. Making hand dyed indigo napkins is a fun way to add more pattern and color to the table setting making the next mealtime a little extra special. Hand Dyed Indigo Napkins Hand Dyed Indigo Napkins Hand Dyed Indigo Napkins Hand Dyed Indigo Napkins
1- Napkins (you can order the same ones I used here, or use what you have in your home) 2- Tie dye kit (I recommend this one here because it comes with the dye as well as a couple of tools, like the rubber bands, gloves, popsicle sticks and square wooden pieces) 3- Clothespins 4- Large bucket Hand Dyed Indigo Napkins Read More

Nursery Organization + DIY Clothes Rack

We've partnered with Project Nursery once again for another DIY project. And guess what, if you still have some left over copper pipes from our previous projects like this one here or this one here, you might have all the materials you will need. We've put together a very simple and stylish DIY clothes rack for those cute baby clothes. This hanging rack is a functional idea to keep the nursery organized. Click here to see the step-by-step instructions at Project Nursery. DIY clothes rack
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5×7 Printables, Let’s Spread the Love with Project Nursery

Today I am sharing our latest project in partnership with Project Nursery. These two free instant printable art prints will make your heart skip a beat. Since Love Day is fast approaching, we've decided to put together two charming 5x7 printables to celebrate this special time. It turns out that giving some love to your walls can be super easy. Just download, print, and frame. What's not to love, right? And, while we've designed these pieces for the walls, you can also use them as cute Valentine's day cards. 5x7 printables
Download 5x7 printables here
Visit Project Nursery to see more and start framing today. PS: Let's connect! Folow us here to see the behind the scenes.
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