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Have a Seat – Dining Room Design Tour

When it comes to decorating my own house, I believe that less is always more. A neutral color palette, clean lines mixed with a few rustic elements, a touch of wood and something unique are things that are always in my décor brain. A couple of weeks ago, I was on the hunt for new dining chairs. I wanted dining chairs that were kid-friendly, but also beautiful and unique. The dining room was only missing that last piece of the puzzle to be completed. dining room design Once I started browsing online, I was amazed at all the options I found (read through here to see the top four picks). After a couple of indecisive days, I finally opted for the white Sidera chair from CB2. This chair has the most beautiful woven crosshatch pattern on slim tapered solid ash wooden legs. It is just perfect for the room. The white molded plastic against the gray concrete top makes the space feel balanced. I really love the overall look. Sometimes a work of art steals the show. Sometimes a wallpapered wall makes a statement. But here, these chairs are certainly the eye candy in the room. Every time I walk into the room, I can hear the chairs saying "Ha, made you look!" dining room design Read More

Mid-century Dining Chairs – Home design

We are playing the musical chair game over here. When I started my search for new dining chairs for my dining room, I quickly realized that my eyes were after mid-century dining chairs. Why? Well, I don't quite know. Perhaps it's because I think that most mid-century looking furniture are just absolutely gorgeous. So, after browsing online while obsessing about mid-century design, I picked my top four mid-century dining chairs. mid-century dining chairs
Chair #1
The first option is the Holt Mid Century Bent Wood Accent Chair. I love the look of this chair and its colors. The way the legs are attached to the base seem very sturdy, however, the light-colored fabric scares me a little. Because I have three kids, whenever I am shopping for a fabric, I always choose leather.
Chair #2
Option number 2 is the Lena Mid-Century Dining Chair. The simplicity of this chair is what I like about it. Sometimes, you need neutral pieces in order for an item to stand out. Since our concrete dining table makes the room feel a little "heavy", I believe that simple wooden chairs might be just what we need for the space.
Chair #3
Option number 3 is the Porthos Home Olivia Dining Chair. This chair has the perfect combination of leather and wood. It's as if the most delicious ingredients have been carefully put together to create the perfect mixed drink. What a beauty!
Chair #4
The final option is the Sidera chair in white. This chair has the perfect legs and the most beautiful base pattern. This chair is also available in black, but since I am trying to make the room feel softer, I think the white tone would do the trick. I do believe I have a favorite option. What do you think? Could you use any of these chairs in your dining room? PS: Let's get social. Follow us here and say hi! Save Save

A Mid-Century Dining Room with a Rustic Twist

Do you know that special feeling when you accomplish something amazing or when you finish working on a big project? Oh, yeah, THAT special feeling. That's how I feel when I visit my parents for our daily breakfast gathering. Fresh paint, a ridiculous-good-looking-table, chairs, artwork, a beautiful rug, and coffee. Everything working together like one big welcoming community, whose sole purpose is to make ME happy! Oh, sure I will take a sit and sip that coffee with lots of milk and some sugar, please... Mid Century Dining Room This dining room is the first room you see when you walk into my parents' house. Before the renovation took place, you had to peek through a tiny door to actually see this room. During the renovation, we almost considered not taking down a few walls because of laziness or a budgetary issue, I can't remember which one. But I am so glad we did it! Knocking down two walls helped open up this space and create a more welcoming vibe. We decorated the room around that beautiful rug. Bringing that beast from Brazil while traveling with three kids was well worth it! We opted for a round table because you know, somehow you can always fit one more sit if you need it. The glass against the wooden base is perfection. A strange mix between heavy and light, dark and transparent that works so well for this room. After we had the rug and table, we decided to do a speed dating event and brought in a couple of chairs to meet the new table. When the white chair was placed next to the table, it was love at first sight. And then it happened, without a lot of planning, we had designed a mid-century dining room with a rustic twist. Or maybe it is the other way around. Plant Mid Century Dining Room Read More
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