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Powder Room Remodel – Design Board

Between my sister's family room, my nephew's bedroom, a landscape redesign, and a powder room remodel, I feel like I have enough design projects for the year. It sure feels overwhelming, but the excitement is here. First up is the powder room remodel. Rather than keeping everything in my head, this time around I actually put a design plan together and I am crushing over it. The space we are working with is super tiny. Right now this bathroom has white walls, a white and very traditional pedestal sink, a silver mirror, and a white shelf. It is super plain and super dated. It sure does need some love. powder room remodel So I want to bring in some texture and warmth while keeping it clutter free. The idea is to add a small vanity for some much-needed storage. Since my kids use this bathroom to brush their teeth and hair in the morning before school, I need something more functional to keep these items than two little boxes propped on the shelf. I also want to add some visual interest by bringing in a black and white wallpaper to the room. In order to add drama, I want to install this surrealist-shaped mirror and a brass pendant lighting. For extra storage, a concrete-looking shelf and brass-colored accessories are a must. Finally, I also want to add Ipe boards to the ceiling to make the space cozier and to tie the room in with other areas of the house that currently feature Ipe boards. I am really liking how the design board is looking and can't wait to get started. If I manage to squeeze in there and get some pictures of the room when done, I promise to share them here. Powder Room Remodel
Powder Room Remodel Sources
Vanity :: Sink :: Shelf :: Maze Wallpaper :: Elroy Mirror :: Toilet Paper Holder :: Sphere Lighting :: Banana Leaf Phototgraphy For more design board inspiration visit here. And don't forget to connect with us here.

Mid-century Dining Chairs – Home design

We are playing the musical chair game over here. When I started my search for new dining chairs for my dining room, I quickly realized that my eyes were after mid-century dining chairs. Why? Well, I don't quite know. Perhaps it's because I think that most mid-century looking furniture are just absolutely gorgeous. So, after browsing online while obsessing about mid-century design, I picked my top four mid-century dining chairs. mid-century dining chairs
Chair #1
The first option is the Holt Mid Century Bent Wood Accent Chair. I love the look of this chair and its colors. The way the legs are attached to the base seem very sturdy, however, the light-colored fabric scares me a little. Because I have three kids, whenever I am shopping for a fabric, I always choose leather.
Chair #2
Option number 2 is the Lena Mid-Century Dining Chair. The simplicity of this chair is what I like about it. Sometimes, you need neutral pieces in order for an item to stand out. Since our concrete dining table makes the room feel a little "heavy", I believe that simple wooden chairs might be just what we need for the space.
Chair #3
Option number 3 is the Porthos Home Olivia Dining Chair. This chair has the perfect combination of leather and wood. It's as if the most delicious ingredients have been carefully put together to create the perfect mixed drink. What a beauty!
Chair #4
The final option is the Sidera chair in white. This chair has the perfect legs and the most beautiful base pattern. This chair is also available in black, but since I am trying to make the room feel softer, I think the white tone would do the trick. I do believe I have a favorite option. What do you think? Could you use any of these chairs in your dining room? PS: Let's get social. Follow us here and say hi! Save Save

Home for the Holidays – Holiday Décor

I am happy to say that Casa Cancado is Holiday ready! Getting our home ready for the holidays is a very special time for me. I love to make the house feel festive, and I also love that there are so many ways of going about it. What are some of your DOs and DON'Ts when decorating for the Holidays? How is your home for the holidays? Here are a few of my MUST haves and must NOT haves when decorating for Christmas time. Home for the Holidays
Christmas Tree
When decorating the Christmas tree, I feel that most ornaments MUST color coordinate. Also, the Christmas tree must NOT be too lean. I like the tree to be big and fat with lots of lights. Read More

How-to-design a Shared Bedroom for 7! – Room Tour

Oh, the task was daunting. It was nearly impossible. How-to-design a shared bedroom for seven kids. As challenging as this may sound, we had to make it work. The grandparents wanted to transform a spare bedroom into a sleepover delight for their seven grandchildren. The kids' age ranged from three-years-old to eleven-years-old, and we were dealing with boys and girls. We used neutral décor, personal touches, and maximized its functionality in order to design a room for seven kids. how-to-design a shared bedroom
Choose the right furniture
Forget about the bunk beds. To avoid making this space look super crowded with heavy and dark bunk beds, we chose versatile white beds with trundles. Their clean lines complement any style, while the beds' compact proportions make it easier to arrange them in the space. The beds worked really well placed against each other as well as against the wall. And the rollout bottom trundles allow lots of room for a play area when they are not in use. how-to-design a shared bedroom
Pick timeless décor
We worked with lots of different patterns and textures to create a gender-neutral bedroom. Mixing stripes in bold colors with geometric patterns give this room an eclectic and fun look. We've placed richly-hued pillows in different sizes and shapes for an added detail. Large and graphic fruit prints along with geometric boomerang wall decals bring a lot of color and interest to the walls. Finally, two sculptural lamps make a statement around the beds. how-to-design a shared bedroom how-to-design a shared bedroom how-to-design a shared bedroom how-to-design a shared bedroom
Create storage space
We placed some strong and sturdy storage bins under one of the beds to store daily items. We also added a graphic printed basket for additional storage while four hooks can keep coats and bags organized. The best of all storage areas in this shared bedroom is the bold-colored green locker. This locker is such a statement piece in this room. The kids love the locker, it really sets the tone for this sleepover room. green locker storage space
Make it personal
In order to make this room feel personal, we created a gallery-wall with all seven kids' pictures. All seven photographs were framed in a modern white frame. The simplicity of this frame made it a breeze to create a gallery-wall. how-to-design a shared bedroom how-to-design a shared bedroom how-to-design a shared bedroom We loved how the room turned out and the kids love it so much. To see more room tours by Trendy Peas visit us here.
Source list
Bed - IKEA Bedding - Target Pillows - Trendy Peas Boomerang Decals - Trendy Peas Locker - IKEA Hooks - Target Lamps - Target Pear Print - Trendy Peas Strawberry Print - Trendy Peas

Aztec Wallpaper Pattern – New Design Alert

Today I want to introduce to you our new Aztec Wallpaper Pattern. This beautiful and soft pattern printed in a very light pink color seems to be all you need to make one wall feel oh, so special. Because the pattern is so subtle, the overall design brings a touch a elegance to a space without making it look too busy. Aztec Wallpaper Pattern Aztec Wallpaper Pattern Trendy Peas’ wallpaper is a revolutionary self-adhesive fabric based medium that does not require pasting. In addition, our paste-free wallpaper does not leave residue behind and does not require expert installation, repair or removal. To see how easy it is to install our wallpaper visit this port here. To shop our entire wallpaper collection visit here.

A boy bedroom makeover

I have a fun and exciting project in my hands. I just started to brainstorm about a makeover for my nephew's bedroom. This room has a great size and a huge window, however, somehow this room suffer from poor lighting syndrome. How did that happen? Perhaps the oversized bunk bed is the one to blame. After all, this bunk bed is in fact, kind of large, dark, and too heavy for the bedroom. Or maybe, just maybe, the dated green walls are making this room look darker than it really is. Besides the outdated issues we have to take care of, I also need to address the problem of functionality. Lucas is 10-years-old and needs a desk area, better storage, and great lighting for book reading in bed. Another problem is that most of the décor items in his room don't relate to him anymore. So, to kick off this project, I created the mood board below focusing on timeless items. For this first design board, I am keeping things more on the monochromatic side. But once we have all the wall art, trophies, photos, and books, his room will be filled with pops of color. When creating a space for a child, I like to create an excellent base and ideal workflow for the room. The furniture, desk, shelves, lighting should be timeless items that will work for the child now as well as in 5 years. There is no need to get a full bedroom makeover in the near future. When that time comes, I hope to be able to change just decorative items that will relate to a 15-year-old instead of a 10-year-old. boy bedroom makeover I do believe this little project will take some time to tackle it. But I will keep updating its progress here on the blog.
Here are the sources for the boy bedroom makeover design board: Shelves. Chair. Pillow. Bedding. Lighting. Night Stand. Drum Sticks. Poster. Acrylic Shelves.
PS: Get to see more behind the scenes here.

Living Room Makeover Video

A couple of weeks ago I helped my sister finish decorating her living room. This living room makeover turned out really good. I wish I had some before pictures to share, but unfortunately I don't. So, try to imagine a closed in space, with light colored green walls, two oversized sofas, and not a lot of décor items. Did you picture that? Ok, so now go on, look at the image below and say: "Yep, the after photo looks way better". Because it really DOES! Believe me. living room makeover The first step in this makeover was to create a more welcoming floor plan. To achieve that, we knocked down two walls. Once the walls were removed, this living room was instantly transformed into one big open space that now connects to the family room. Right next to the family room, you find a beautiful open kitchen. The biggest challenge when decorating large spaces or connecting rooms is to create a cohesive look throughout the rooms. So to make sure the eyes can easily flow from one room to the next, we started off by painting all the walls the same color. No more light colored walls or red accent walls. We then used a lot of the same main neutral colors in all three spaces. From the white on the pillows, to the white from the lounge chairs, to the white-colored bookshelves in the family room, and the white kitchen cabinets. The same repetition happens with browns, blacks and different shades of gray. living room makeover living room makeover living room makeover living room makeover modern pillows living room makeover triangle pilllow I enjoyed using a couple of my own pieces in this space, such as the "squares" print, the "ink and charcoal" print and the graphic pillows. I really love how it turned out and I know think my sister did too. The room is sophisticated, but not too serious. It is inviting, but kid and pet-friendly. It is very functional for her family and their living style. You can watch the styling video of living room makeover below. Enjoy! For more design ideas, follow us on Instagram to see which room we are installing next.

A Quick Shelfie Guide by My Domaine

Last week, the fabulous mydomaine website wrote about the ultimate shelfie moment with incredible finds all from Etsy sellers. We were so thrilled they hand picked our abstract "stacked stones" art print for this feature. Visit mydomaine to see how an empty, but yet gorgeous shelf by Kage District Studio, turns into this beautiful focal point. Drool worthy, right? quick shelfie guide ::: photo credit CMG Studios quick shelfie guide ::: photo credit CMG Studios Visit here to get to know more about this quick shelfie guide and the sources for all the items on that beautiful shelf. For more design tips follow us on IG.

Kid-Friendly Decorating Ideas

Did your house loose its sense of style since you had kids? Oh yeah, I know the feeling. We've all been there. As soon as the babies start pulling themselves up or crawling all over the place, the baby-proofing adventure begins. Good-bye oversized glass vases resting in the corner of the living room. Good-bye expensive décor items lying peacefully on the perfect coffee table. Before we know it, we are saying "yes" to those hideous baby gates. I am guilty of not only one gate, but four! What can I tell you? There is really no good and safe way around the baby gates, but you can certainly keep your house stylish if you follow these 4 kid-friendly decorating ideas below. living room
1:: Get the leather on!
No, I am not talking about your Saturday night leather pants. I am talking about choosing the most durable material for your sofas. When picking that gorgeous white linen upholstered couch, think about that dark sugary grape juice leaking from the oh, so well designed, sip cup and switch all those crazy thoughts to LEATHER! That's what we do around here. Leather for the sofas, leather for the lounge chairs (even though we never lounge), leather for the kitchen stools, and leather for the dining room chairs! For this room, we chose a brown leather sofa and I am so happy we did it. To tone all the brown color down a bit, we've sprinkled on some pillows and a light-colored throw. kids-friendly decorating ideas living room
2:: Pillows must have zippers
When choosing your throw pillows, go for the ones that are affordable and have a zipper on so you can easily clean them out when needed. Could you imagine having your kids wear white pants at the playground? So why think you can have a pillow that won't need a regular washing schedule when living with kids. My pillows tend to stay more on the floor than on the couch itself. The picking up from the floor and throwing placing them gracefully on the couch bothers me more than the thought of having to wash them. kids-friendly decorating ideas washable pillows
Read More

Meet The New Pillows

Have you seen our new pillows? We've been busy these past weeks creating new and fun pillows for the home collection. The funny thing is that whenever we finish designing a new product exclusively for the home collection, we end it up finding many more uses for that particular product. For the new designs below, I was targeting the modern-looking living room with colorful wall art on the walls. But these three pillows could easily be playful in the playroom, or they could be elegant in the unique nursery, or they could also be very chic in a not-so-chic guest room. The new pillows are modern-looking and oh, so fresh. They can easily be paired together on a couch or they could stand out on their own. New Pillows New Pillows We have another photoshoot scheduled for the end of this week. As soon as we have more product shots we will list these items on the shop. Check back soon. And to see what we already have in store for the home collection, visit here. New Pillows New Pillows PS: Do you follow us on Instagram? Visit this post here to find out why you should be following us.
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