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3 Tips for Your Halloween Décor

Halloween has become one of my favorite times of the year to celebrate with the kids. We love to decorate our house, we love to wear costumes, and we absolutely love to go trick-or-treating. I am usually a practical person, I think. Well, at least most of the time. And when it comes to seasonal decorating, I like to make it easy, but still exciting. So here are my 3 tips for when you think about your Halloween décor this year.
1. Group black elements together
In order to change the vibe in our living room, I tackled our coffee table with a few black pumpkins, and a decorative black vase I keep in my bedroom. This is a simple look, and yet a very "halloweenish" one. So, if you have a couple of black décor items around your house, bring them together and dress up your coffee table. Black candles with simple candle holders is a great choice. Just add a couple small store bought pumpkins and you are all set. halloween decor Read More

DIY Project – Trendy Peas and Project Nursery

I am thrilled to have partnered with Project Nursery, one of my favorite kids' blog. In case you never heard of them, you must check them out. At Project Nursery's blog you will find tips about kids décor, kids parties, and everything that is trending in the baby world. For this partnership, I will be writing about one DIY project every month. These projects will range from simple, yet elegant décor for kids' spaces, to free printables and more. So let me give you a sneak peek of our first DIY project for Project Nursery. diy project Because almost every baby will have a difficult time transitioning from crib to big bed, we decided to create a DIY headboard to make that milestone more fun. For more details and to see all instructions about this very simple DIY project, visit Project Nursery here. Oh, and just in case you have any ideas of projects you would like to see, feel free to contact us. Since Project Nursery is all about baby, think about projects that would target mamas that are decorating their kids' spaces. PS: Don't forget to follow us on IG so you can see all the behind the scenes of more projects like this one. Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

How-to-wallpaper – Tips for wallpaper installation

A couple of weeks ago we put together a how-to-wallpaper video on how to install our peel-and-sick wallpapers. We wanted to show you how easy and quick it is to transform any space using our newest collection of wallpaper design. Because all of our removable wallpaper is made with a self-adhesive fabric medium that does not require any pasting, there is no glue and therefore, absolutely no mess. Since each wallpaper roll is removable, the installation is so easy you can do it yourself. If you make a mistake, you can simply peel it off and apply it again. We promise you that by the time you are done, your hands will be clean and your room will be instantly transformed into a new space.   how-to-wallpaper   Press PLAY below to watch our how-to-wallpaper video. how-to-wallpaper how-to-wallpaper All wallpaper products are carefully crafted here in the USA, just for YOUR family. Visit the wallpaper collection here to find your style.  
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:: Maze Wallpaper :: Pillows :: Decorative items To see more videos and behind the scenes, follow us on IG. Save Save Save Save

Gallery Wall Tips – How to style one in 10 minutes

Oh, those pretty gallery walls. Have you tried styling one at your house before? Sounds like an easy and fun weekend project to tackle, right? You just need a hammer, nails, measuring tape, patience, and more patience. Soon enough that patience turns into frustration, too many holes on the wall, re-measuring, and then the words: -"What the heck was I thinking". Gallery walls can certainly be a daunting task. But in my crazy designer mind, I also think that this design challenge can be fun because there are so many ways to go about it. So today I am showing you 4 gallery wall tips on how I styled this cute little desk area for a kid's room in less than 10 minutes. Gallery Wall Tips> gallery wall tips
1:: Choose art prints that compliment each other
In this case, I chose art prints with colorful pops that worked well together. If the art prints look good laying on a table together, they will sure look good on the wall. Perhaps even better on the wall.
2:: Choose matching frames
To make it easy, I chose two matching white frames. You can't go wrong when the frames all match. And in this case, I chose the white one we carry in stock because of the desk we were working with.
3:: Create an unexpected layout
I chose to stack the two white frames up for a very casual look. Measuring tape? What measuring tape? For this simple layout, I didn't even have to use a measuring tape. I also decided to add two unframed prints to the space to make this gallery wall really fun. I used colored-tape to create a look that is easy to make, kinda funky, and easy to update when we want to.
4:: Add a surprising element
And then, to finish this gallery wall look, I sprinkled some gold wall decal dots on the wall. I just placed each gold dot randomly around the art until I thought we had enough. Oh, and that black chalk wall is just a bonus element for ANY room. You should give it a try! gallery wall tips Do you have back-to-school projects on your mind yet? To see more design tips, follow us here. Save

Modern Pillows – Chic, yet Playful

I am super thrilled to share our new collection of modern pillows. Our pillows scream chic but playful home décor. They work in the kids’ room, playrooms, and even your lovely living room. All pillows are designed and crafted here in the USA, just for YOUR family. All pillows are: - 18×18 inches - Double sided print - Soft and durable - Concealed zipper - Pillow insert included (handwash only) - Resilient polyester filling retains shape Modern Pillows   Modern Pillows To celebrate the new pillow collection, we are giving away one pillow to one of you. To enter, follow us on Instagram and then, tag one of your friends in the comments. Visit here to see the entire collection.

Kids Artwork – Kid-Friendly Style

The questions was, what should I do with the long white wall along our hallway? The possibilities were endless, the ideas were great. But it tuns out that this hallway, which connects all three kids' rooms, is more than just a connector at times. It can be the office for school play, a track for Hot Wheels racing, or even a bowling alley. So when it came down to deciding on the decor, I thought that framing some of the kids' artwork was definitely the best option. They are so proud of their artwork hanging on the wall, and I adore this look. Kids Artwork To make this gallery wall work with the kids' artwork, I chose frames that follow the style of my home. Alex and I like dark wood colors, as you can see by the hardwood floors, we prefer silver to gold, white is always present and black is spotted here and there. So for the gallery wall I chose walnut wood frames, along with silver and mirror frames. Some big and some small. All purchased at Target. The layout for the wall is somewhat symmetric, but it also has some movement. I really like how it tuned out. The windows help make this space feel bright and airy. It looks very kid-friendly; yet very stylish. For more gallery wall ideas visit this post here, or my gallery wall Pinterest board here.

Family, Friends, and a Contest

Picture 45 No matter what, family and friends will always be there for you. I recently entered Marcus’ room in a décor contest. What a fun and insane ride that was. We ended up losing the contest by 2 votes. But we had a great time watching the close score. It felt like Brazil was playing in the finals of the soccer world cup and we just didn’t score that last goal. But it made me feel really special. I could not believe all the friends and family that voted for Trendy Peas. 218 votes. My mom was calling me at 11:30 pm to see how the contest was going, my sister and brother-in-law were following everything on facebook and asking friends to join them, and we also had a great response and comments from other supporters. So THANK YOU all. Thank you for all that voted. I start my day today not wondering about 2 more votes but overwhelmed about the 218 votes. Cheers!

Marcus’ Big Boy Bedroom

Here is Marcus' big boy bedroom. One of my favorite rooms in the house. photo1 I wanted to create a room for Marcus that was very functional and stylish at the same time. I also wanted the room to be a continuation of the style and decor of our home. So I opted for neutral tones, with lots of brown, white, beige, creams and then pops of colors here and there. I knew that if I used a neutral color palette I would not have problems creating and sourcing decor items for the space. 

The furniture is from IKEA. The bed is placed flushed with the dresser and a piece of stained maple wood lays on top to create a one-piece furniture that works really well for the space. We use the same stained maple wood at other places in the room to tie everything together. Having the bed against the wall makes the room more spacious and gives Marcus more areas for playing. photo6 I created the wall canvasses, wallpaper, and acrylic bike décor so all the colors would work together with the adorable bedding by dwell studio. The bike décor is Marcus favorite piece of the room. The bright red acrylic really stands out. I guess I could say that the bike is also my favorite piece in the room. photo4 photo5 photo3 I am very pleased with how it turned out. The room is bright, elegant, functional and fun.

Got Trendy?

Got Trendy? If so, we would love to feature your child’s room featuring Trendy Peas’ products right here on our blog and on the Real Rooms section of our site. Some of our past blog posts have been dedicated to show some of our customers’ kids rooms (Sienna, Quinn, Lucas & Alex, Blakely) and they are now a permanent fixture of our website on our Real Rooms page. realrooms Our Real Rooms page is there to inspire all of you by showcasing customer photos with some of Trendy Peas’ products. I always find it helpful to see pictures of a product in a real room. It makes me feel that I can make something work for the space I have as well. I hope that you find inspiration in the current rooms being showcased and that you come back and share pictures of your room decorated with Trendy Peas’ pieces. Do you have photos to share with us? We would love to see how our products are being used in your room. Show us what you have! Send me an email at with your photos.

Giveaway winner and a beautiful nursery.

I am so sorry for the delay in posting the Holiday Cards giveaway winner. It has been crazy busy over here. I guess it is no surprise with the end of every year... But I just found some time to write this post to announce that Linda Carter is the winner. Congratulations Linda! Please send all the card details and your photo to I look forward to working on your proof. And now, that I am here finally writing, I would like to share Quinn’s beautiful nursery. Quinn’s mom, Renne, was so kind so send me photos of this little next she put together for her baby. The room is bold with black and blue walls. Behind the beautiful crib, the decal is the focal point of the room. To the right side of the crib you will find Trendy Peas custom birth art and fun letters that set the mood of the room. Cute little bird houses rest on a shelf and bring in some more color to the space. Renne has posted more photos of the nursery on project nursery. Be sure to check it out and read more about her inspiration and other fun details. Thank so much Renne. We love the room! quinnsnursery
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