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Christmas Photos

My Christmas cards are finally done! I am sharing here some of the best photos from our little photoshoot. I am not revealing the one I chose to use on the cards; that would spoil the surprise for my family and friends. Here are my three cuties, trying to lay still while I ordered them around from up the stairs. They heard things like: "Hold Victor's hand", "How about a smile?", "No, we are not done yet", "Guys, come on, one more", "Marcus, stop sucking your thumb". It was quite interesting. The preparation for the shoot took way longer than the actual few photos I was able to snap. I dressed them up in somewhat coordinating colors. I chose navy blue, white, gray, and red. The red on Victor's pants set the tone for the typeface that I used on the card. They had a snack right before the shoot. Nothing like chocolate chip cookies to make my kids happy. And then it was onto the floor. The solid brown rug was the perfect backdrop to create a clean set-up for the photos. I loved how it turned out. The final card will be posted here on Christmas day. How about you, do you take your own photos or are you lucky to have them professionally taken? Do you want to share your card? I would love to see it.

Christmas in the summer.

holiday3 Is it too early to start thinking about the Holidays? Well if you are participating in the 2010 Holiday Minted contest it is not early at all. In fact the last day to enter designs is the 10th of June. So, with the deadline approaching, I am trying to finish a few more ideas that I have. But with the sun out and the Summer vibe, I admit it has been a struggle. I am actually listening to some Christmas songs right now to get inspired. Nothing like "White Christmas" by Frank Sinatra to get in the Christmas spirit. Below are a few of the designs I entered in the Holiday Card Spectacular contest so far. Let me know what you think of the designs. holiday2 holiday

Holiday Designs

Here is a sneak peek of some of our holiday designs. We are offering photo holiday cards, round gift tags, and Christmas cards. All designs are custom. So you will be able to enter your favorite photos or create your own message. Designs will be available for purchase soon.  So keep checking for more details. holidayitems
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