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New Holiday Cards are here – Shop now and save 20% off

The new holiday cards are here! Can you smell the pine trees? Can you taste the hot chocolate? Ok, we can't either, because it is still, in fact, October. But when your cards arrive in the mail and you realize it is November, you will be glad you were so organized this year. We are happy to share our new designs for the 2017 holiday season. We are keeping things simple, because we feel like most families really want their picture to shine when they customize their holiday cards. And believe us, simplicity has never looked so good. So pick a few of your favorite family photos and start customizing your design today. new holiday cards
Oh, and in order to make things even more interesting, you can save 20% off when you order your cards before October 13th. Just enter coupon code "HOLIDAYCHEERS" during checkout and enjoy our offer. Let's go >>> new holiday cards
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Valentines Day Card – Free Donwload

Who is ready for Valentine's Day? With three kids in school times an average of 20 classmates per kid, that equals about 60 valentines they need to bring to school to celebrate with their little friends. Any clever and easy ideas? I usually get this little pop-up balloon in the shape of a heart that fills up when you smash it. It's kind of cool and I get it from the dollar store. I love the price and the kids love to smash it to see the magic happen. I will make a run to the store later this afternoon to see if they still have it. Although, after two years in a row, it might be time for a little change. I designed a few Valentine's Day cards this week and if you scroll below, you can download one of them for free. This xoxo card comes with a front and back and you can print it on a 5x7 card paper. If you are like me and have hundreds and hundreds of crayons laying around, you could attach one on the back so the kids can play tic tac toe as soon as they get their little Valentine. Valentines Day Card Valentines Day Card Read More

Trendy Peas Gets Minted!

Is it too early to start planning for the Holidays? Maybe. I certainly can't get my mind to go that far ahead. But it won't hurt to browse the beautiful Holidays cards from Minted's new 2011 collection. I am so happy to say that this year, Minted will be selling one of Trendy Peas' designs, our very own "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" card. This design is available in three colors variations. And Minted has a great selection for backer options, envelope liners, and mailing address labels. Be sure to check our design and many more designs available at Minted here. Enjoy! Picture 3 Picture 4

More colors please…

I can not express how happy and excited I am to be offering color envelopes and new designs for our stationery line. The new envelopes come in five delicious colors: green, lake, aqua, papaya, and strawberry. The new designs are whimsical and yet modern and elegant. We also bumped up the size of the cards to 5x7 inches. Bigger, bolder and more colorful. Check it out here. home8
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