Pennant Wall Decal

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After many customer requests for a pennant wall decal, I am glad to share that we just finished this cute new design below.

This set of pennant wall decal includes 14 adorable pennants, which can be use separated to make two or three banners; or, can easily be put together to make one long banner. Customers can pick three colors from our color chart to create their wall decal. So it is easy to make this work for a boy or girl’s room. And the retail price is very attractive. Only $39! You can see this and many other new creations in our upcoming 2014 catalog. Check back soon.

Pennant Wall Decal

Above the decal in white, gray, and yellow. A very popular color trend.
::: For more gray and yellow inspiration visit my Pinterest board here :::

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Get the wallpaper look without using wallpaper

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Wallpaper is still a very popular trend these days. The idea of covering only one wall in a bedroom with wallpaper is fantastic. It creates a focal point in the space and it always makes a room feel very cozy.  A wall with a visual pattern is usually a great backdrop for a bed frame or a crib and it is a great way to bring in some color to the space. The only draw back to wallpaper is that it can get pricey depending on the wallpaper you choose. So, when it was time to design new wallpaper designs, we decided to simplify the entire process and make a new product that offers a more affordable solution for the wallpaper look.

So, how can you get the wallpaper look without using wallpaper on your wall for only $39?

Confetti Wall Decal

Following the geometric style of Trendy Peas’ design, we now offer wall decals that mimic wallpaper patterns. The repetition of the design creates the different patterns. There are no rules when installing these shapes on the wall. You just peel and stick the pieces as you move across the wall. The possibilities are endless. When installation is done, take a step back and check the layout. If something doesn’t look quite right, just remove it from the wall and stick on it again. It’s a bliss!

The confetti wall decal below works great for boys and girls. Each set comes with 28 confetti dots that measure 3 inches wide each. You can pick two colors when customizing your confetti wall decal. Some of the confetti dots feature a pattern and some are a solid color. The overall look is very fun.

Confetti Wall Decal
The whimsical pine tree wall decal below comes with 30 little trees for a cool nature-inspired pattern. This design is available in 12 colors, making it easy to match any nursery. Each pine tree features adorable patterns making this design a one-of-a-kind.

Pine Tree Wall Decal

The little peaks wall decal comes with 56 pieces! These wall decals are done in one color, but with two different tones. It is very simple and yet interesting. You can place the “peaks” up or down. There are so many options when installing this particular design. And they all cost only $39 for the set.


Visit the new collection here. Enjoy!

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Halloween Decorations – New Wall Decal Designs

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Have you seen our new Halloween decorations? This year we put together two Halloween wall decals to decorate your home. These Halloween wall decals are perfect to decorate a Halloween party or to welcome trick-or-treaters. They could work great for playrooms, hallways or family rooms. And since our wall decals are easily removable and reusable, you can just peel them off the wall once Halloween is over and store your Halloween decorations to reuse next year.

To kick things off, we are offering 20% off on your early Halloween shopping. So hurry on now, offer ends September 30th. Use coupon code HALLOWEEN13 during check out to redeem our offer.

Halloween Decorations

:::: TIP: Keep the packaging tube and backing paper to store your seasonal Halloween decorations ::::

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New Zodiac Prints are almost here…

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Oh Liv, you know how to melt my heart. I am having the best day at work editing some photos I took yesterday from my adorable niece Olivia (4). Once I lay eyes on this picture, I knew I had to use it. So, that is a wrap! The new Zodiac prints should be on the site by next week. Here is a sneak peek. What’s your sign?

Zodiac Prints

taurus print

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My Little Leo – New Kids Wall Art Sign Print

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Not too long ago I was still expecting. Today, I am planning a little get together with family to celebrate baby Victor’s very first birthday. Last year, a tiny sweet little baby came into our lives on July 27th. Today baby Victor is a funny little character, who giggles all the time and makes funny scrunchy faces, conquering our hearts daily. His is my little Leo. They say all Leos are trendsetters, leaders and adventurers. So I know there are a lot coming our way from this little guy. And I am anxious to see it all happen.


Do you have a little Leo too? I am finishing working on a new kids’ collection sign art prints. The designs will be available as 8×10, 11×14 and 16×20 paper prints, framed like the photo above or unframed. All designs will also be available as 10×10 and 20×20 canvasses. And because we are celebrating all Leos, you can download this new design for free as an 8×10 print here. Enjoy!

My Little Leo

:: Click here to download this free modern nursery wall art design by Trendy Peas
:: Check back soon to see the new sign wall art collection.

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Personalized Nursery Wall Art – New Design

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I am currently working on new personalized nursery wall art featuring animals, baby’s name, pops of color and a tiny heart detail. The colors are bold and bright. The design simple and modern-looking.

Personalized Nursery Wall Art

I think it is time we added some more personalized nursery wall art to our wall art collection. What do you think? Any ideas of cute animals to add to this collection? Feel free to send me your requests. And remember, I can always customize the colors of our designs to match a specific room color.

PS: Have you watched our latest video? Click here.

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