How to create a stylish kid-friendly home

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Having a stylish kid-friendly home is more than just having little stools by the sink, cups in lower drawers, or towels that hang at three feet high. A stylish kid-friendly home is a place that works for both kids and parents. It should follow that so desire aesthetic the grown ups wish for while keeping the kids in mind. A stylish kid-friendly home is a place where the kids feel like they belong and parents feel at ease to relax and enjoy quality family time. You have to find little things, details, storage or types of fabrics that work for the entire family. Here is just one thing we did at my home to transform our kitchen in a place that my kids can go explore whenever their little hearts desire.

Stylish Kid-Friendly Home

Style + Kid-friendly = black chalk wall

One neat thing we did in our home to create a kid-friendly space was to paint one wall in the kitchen with black chalk paint. If you never painted any walls in your house with a dark color, I strongly recommend. Dark walls make great backgrounds for beautiful frames with family portraits or kids drawings. This black chalk wall made our eating corner feel so cozy and refined. It added depth and a lot of interested to the space. It is now the focal wall once you step in the kitchen. I was hesitant at first as I was not quite sure how it would turn out. So if you are afraid that your place might feel too dark, focus on only one wall like we did, and you will be surprise.

Black Chalk Wall

On our chalk wall we write birthday messages, weekly schedules, little reminders, sight words from Bela’s homework, or just anything creative with the kids. They can color on it and get creative, and the room stills feels like a space that was designed for Alex and I as well.

Other great spots for a chalk wall in your home would be in the hallway close to the kids’ rooms, playrooms, or a very fun and casual family room. Here are some great finds and inspiration for chalk walls.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your home kid-friendly without giving away your décor likes. Give your home some style and fun at the same time with black chalk paint. Next Saturday, you can wake up, turn on the music and make some colorful pancakes while the little ones color the walls. After all, it is about having fun every day, right?

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Modern Nursery Accessories in three easy steps

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You have painted the walls the right colors, the furniture is in place, the bedding is looking great, but now you just need to accessorize your trendy boy nursery with some unique modern nursery accessories, right? If you are feeling overwhelmed, just follow these three simple steps below and your nest will be ready for your trendy little one with the click of a button.

1- Dress up the wall.
Start by adding art work to your blank walls. I suggest a large print matted on a frame to create a focal point.

2- Add movement the the nursery.
Hang a mobile from the ceiling to add some interest and movement to the space.

3- Play with walls.
Have fun with the walls installing our peel-and-stick wall decals.

Below are three modern nursery accessories that will help you in creating a trendy boy nursery for a total cost of $102 (the shipping is on us for US residents).


1. Sail Boat Print 16×20 inches $39
2. Bus, Car and Bike Mobile $39
3. Modern Train Nursery Decals $62

PS: Keep in mind that all of our nursery accessories, such as wall art and wall decals can be colors customized.

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Pair With…

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I have decided to create a little space here in the blog to share inspiration on how to use some of Trendy Peas‘ products along with other beauties that I find online. Since I get a lot of requests to customize the colors of our prints to match existing fabrics, I thought that it would be fun to also show how some of our prints can already work with so many beautiful fabrics. In this series, I am pairing our new Fairy’s Garden print with this lovely bedding from Serena and Lily. What I like about these two pieces together is that you can bring in so many colors to the space and it would still work. There are some purples, yellows and pinks on both patterns, but they are not too matchy-matchy, which creates a space that can evolve with time.

Photos: Serena and Lily + Trendy Peas

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Pink and White Inspired

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I started to create inspirational boards on Pinterest by color. The first one I did was inspired by the gray and yellow colors that I found are very popular nowadays. This time around, I chose the very traditional pink and white for that special little girl. If you are expecting a baby girl or if you are designing a little girl’s room, visit the board here and get ready to be inspired. You will discover some amazing spaces all done using beautiful shades of pink and white.

The room above on the left is via Ella+Elliot and on the right is by the lovely ladies at Sissy and Marley.

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I find that the easiest way to decorate a party is to use balloons. Lots of them. There are so many colors to choose from. And when you get creative you can add matching ribbons, insert candy and confetti inside them for a big colorful delicious pop the kids will love. Alex and I came up with a tradition of surprising the kids with balloons in their rooms the morning of their birthday. So late last night, we blew up about 20 balloons and hung them from Bela’s ceiling when she was asleep. It is so much fun. She woke up with a big smile on her face. Even though it is a surprise, it is also something that they already expect by now. So every year we try to get creative. I love this idea here and here. I also got a chance to do some fun writing for a surprise birthday message on our new chalk wall in the kitchen. Do you like balloons like I do? Here are some photos to get inspired.

1-  Photo via
2- Photo via
3- Photo via

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Baby Victor’s Room Tour with Project Nursery

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I sipped my coffee this morning while reading my emails and then whoa, for my surprise, the email newsletter from Project Nursery featured an adorable video touring baby Victor’s nursery. What a delight! Thank you so much Melissa and Pam from I am thrilled!

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