Patchi Cancado – The Inside Story

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Patchi Cancado

It all started with a phone call. It was a Friday afternoon, my last day of maternity leave. I remember I was just thinking how in two days I would be back at work, leaving baby Marcus, at the time 6 weeks old along with Bela (22 months old) at daycare. I was excited and a little sad to go back to work at the same time. But then, it all changed, after the phone rang.

At the time I was working at a cool ad agency, with cool creative people, designing cool things every day. Even though the job was very good, sometimes my heart just wasn’t there. So, that Friday afternoon when my boss called to let me know that they had made some cuts in the agency, my head was going into thousands of different directions. I wasn’t sure what to feel, what to say, and what to do. I had just lost my job, how was that possible?

Patchi Cancado

I always had a passion for interior design, making things pretty, and creating or crafting anything. So, after a lot of thinking, I decided that this was the time to face the entrepreneur field. A time to be adventurous, fearless, and very motivated. The time to combine my graphic designer skills with my passion of interior design. This time, I would not go hunting for another graphic designer job. This time, I would come out of my comfort zone. So in 2009, Trendy Peas was born with a few designs printed on paper. Today, Trendy Peas has evolved to a more complete line of modern nursery and kids’ rooms accessories. From paper prints, to gallery-wrapped canvas, to acrylic crib mobiles and wonderful wall decals.

Acrylic Crib MobileGallery-wrapped canvas
Patchi Cancado

I strive to keep my designs simple. I work from geometric shapes. I like to add patterns to these shapes to evoke more visual interest. But in the end I always feel like less is more. When creating new products, I design pieces that I would use in my kids’ rooms. After all, they are my main inspiration.

I adore the birth print design. A must-have for any baby and a great gift idea for new moms. My second favorite piece is the acrylic bike decor. This piece is a beauty on the wall.

I hope to keep designing pieces for little kids’ rooms. I always like a challenge when creating new products. And who knows, maybe in the future, we can start designing pieces for big kids’ rooms as well. So check back often or drop us a note. We now have met, but I would love to get to know you better.

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Party planning here I go!

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Bela turns 6 in February. Time is just flying by. But we are having fun while it does. I told myself that one of my new years resolution would be to take more “good” photos of the kids. I decided to print family albums for every year starting from the time Bela was born. This can definitely be a fun tradition. Although I just realized I am 6 years behind… But, once done, it will serve as a nice recap of everything that we have done in a year. This way, it might help us remind ourselves to slow down at times, take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.

I took this photo of Bela last year and decided to use it for her birthday invitation. Happy and kind of funky. That’s my Bela. I started to gather a few ideas for her party. I am pinning my finds here. If you will be planning a kid’s birthday soon this could be helpful. And if you have any party ideas for a six year old that can’t sit still, who adores to wear princesses’ dresses not to drink tea, but to climb on trees, please feel free to leave a comment here. Party planning here I go!

- Balloon: The Allison Show
- Cake: Signe Sugar
- Mini ice cream cone: Oh Happy Day

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Christmas Photos

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My Christmas cards are finally done! I am sharing here some of the best photos from our little photoshoot. I am not revealing the one I chose to use on the cards; that would spoil the surprise for my family and friends. Here are my three cuties, trying to lay still while I ordered them around from up the stairs. They heard things like: “Hold Victor’s hand”, “How about a smile?”, “No, we are not done yet”, “Guys, come on, one more”, “Marcus, stop sucking your thumb”. It was quite interesting. The preparation for the shoot took way longer than the actual few photos I was able to snap. I dressed them up in somewhat coordinating colors. I chose navy blue, white, gray, and red. The red on Victor’s pants set the tone for the typeface that I used on the card. They had a snack right before the shoot. Nothing like chocolate chip cookies to make my kids happy. And then it was onto the floor. The solid brown rug was the perfect backdrop to create a clean set-up for the photos. I loved how it turned out. The final card will be posted here on Christmas day. How about you, do you take your own photos or are you lucky to have them professionally taken? Do you want to share your card? I would love to see it.

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Family Photo Tips

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I hope you had a nice week. Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I am afraid I can’t say that I am. It seems way too soon. I still have Halloween in my brain. But I guess that is what happens when you keep things busy. This weekend I plan to take a couple of photos of the kids for our Christmas card. Since I send cards to Brazil I need to get them done much earlier than I would like. I read an article here about great tips for a photoshoot with kids. If you like to get behind the camera like I do, this article might interest you. Besides snapping photos, I plan to drink hot cocoa with the kids, enjoy a movie night with my sisters and maybe work on some Christmas crafts. Happy weekend!

Family Photo Tips

If you are looking for photo family cards, check our Holiday design here.


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Nursery Reveal

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Oh what fun! I am so glad to be here today sharing photos from my latest project, baby Victor’s nursery. The space feels so airy, but cozy. There is a beautiful texture wall made from wood and white 3D wall tiles. A little bit of green, some gray and a touch of red brings life to the space. The room is a continuation of the design style of my home. But here it has a whimsical feel. With lion and horse figures, animal art prints, and a fox decal, this nursery is a woodland heaven.

The whole concept for the room was a space that could be easily transformed from a nursery, to a toddler room, and so on. So I focused on creating a space that could be multifunctional. I wanted to be able to replace the crib for a bed without having to completely re-do the room. My idea was to create a focal wall as a backdrop for the crib. For that wall, I used 3d wall tiles in white, that bring movement and a lot of interest to the nursery. Once it is time to replace the crib with his bed, this focal wall, will serve as a beautiful headboard.

On the opposite side of the crib, storage space is made with two larger drawers, which are perfect for large toys, blankets, and the very essential diapers. The changing table will also work as a desk for when baby Victor is older. The unique changing table/desk uses the same wood that was applied on the wall. The use of the same material always helps when you want to create a cohesive look in a space. I chose to create a gallery wall with framed artwork featuring the animal art prints by Sharon Montrose. The use of framed art is a good idea for a room that might require some change in the near future because you can easily change the artwork as your child’ interests evolve, while still keeping the look of the room similar. Although, if Victor ever gets tired of these darling prints, I will hang them in my own room. For more ideas on how to create a gallery wall visit my Pinterest board here.

As far as the colors and décor items for the room, I opted for neutral colors and pieces that would work for both boys and girls since I didn’t find out the baby’s sex. See my birth story here for more details about this overwhelming surprise. Keeping a room gender neutral is not an easy task, but a very fun one. And I really enjoyed staying away from the usual pink and blue colors this time around.


Baby Victor’s room is truly a reflection of my design aesthetics. The room features the new cloud mobile by Trendy Peas in white, as well as custom color canvasses, the birth announcement, and Trendy Peas’ wall decal. What a joy to design and produce items to be used in my own nursery. So, what did you think? Have you designed a gender-neutral nursery before? What were some of your challenges? If you are about to design such a space, I hope you find inspiration from this nursery. Have fun decorating.

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A Birth Story

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What a ride. A joyful and nervous feel-like roller coaster ride. It all started on July 27th. We had a plan, a planned c-section. From having two previous c-section surgeries I thought this one would be very easy. After all three times is a charm, right? I waved good-bye to my mom, dad, and sisters as I entered the operating room. We were all so excited to find out the baby’s sex. The big day had finally come. As the clock hit 1:30 in the afternoon, the doctor shouted “It’s a Boy”, and the entire room celebrated the birth of baby Victor. I looked at my husband and smiled with joy even though I was feeling very, very sick from the anesthesia. I got to see Victor really quick, just a little glance. Shortly after that, he was handed to the nurse in the operating room. Why didn’t him cry and scream like Bela and Marcus did? In a split second the joy melted away and I had tears rolling down my face. Being strapped down, I could not even wipe them off. I kept squishing Alex’s hand to see what was going on. All I wanted to hear was “Don’t worry, he is doing just fine”. But that moment lingered for about 20 minutes. At times, I couldn’t breath and I felt really dizzy. I kept saying in my head, cry Victor, cry. The pediatrician and the nurse took Victor to the nursery room. Alex followed them and I stayed behind. Later in the evening we found out that he was having problems breathing because one of his tiny little lungs had collapsed. I couldn’t really grasp what was happening. I cried, I prayed and I kept thinking about the day that I would leave the hospital with my baby. Sure enough that day came, five days after he was born. Those five days felt like five weeks. Such a scary time. Luckily, a time spent with my supportive family and good friends. My little miracle came home with us and he is doing great! Bela and Marcus adore their baby brother. I am thrilled to show you my little blessing. Please meet Victor Araujo Cancado. And so, let the journey go on…

Baby Victor

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